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Absolutely, Noah! Appreciate you giving me a hand. I don't think I would have figured that out without your pointers.

Happy Customer

I love a company with badass customer service. I will be back for more and telling all my friends for sure!!🔥

Happy Customer

The order has been placed! This is my 3rd purchase with Ava Estell. You guys are doing great - thanks again for your assistance! And have a lovely start to the weekend!

Happy Customer

Hailey you're THE BEST! I was able to do the purchase and can't wait to try it 😍

Happy Customer

I must say I'm very impressed with your company. I watched a program about the owner and her dedicated progressive team. Congratulations.  

Happy Customer

Thank you for all your help Emma. I've just purchased it. Excellent customer service. Thank you again.

Happy Customer

Amazing service Zoey, I've ordered it, thanks to you I got what I wanted, when I wanted it.

Happy Customer

Thank you again for all your help. This has been one of the best online shopping experiences I ever have. And I do a lot of online shopping! 😊

Happy Customer

Wow that is such a big help. Will be purchasing tomorrow for sure now, I love this customer service. Thank you so much, can't wait to try everything out!

Happy Customer

Thank you for responding so quickly. Very good customer service!

Happy Customer

Thanks Emma! You guys are great. Keep up the excellent products and exceptional customer service!👏

Happy Customer

I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time and helping me I really appreciate it so much and please pass along 10 stars all the way across the board for you!

Happy Customer

Thank u I'll let the rest of the guys know how nice you were maybe they'll be interested in purchasing as well

Happy Customer

BTW, that's great customer service to chat to a real person during ordering, that's a first for me. Keep it up 👍

Happy Customer

I'll definitely leave a positive review. I like how you have responded very quick even on a Sunday that's brilliant customer service.

Happy Customer

Ok, I am 73 years old and if the hearing aids work I will be telling all my senior friends that not only are the aids good but the customer service is excellent as well. Thanks again.

Happy Customer

1:1 human conversations

Deliver digital concierge experiences with 1:1 human conversations

Treat every customer like a VIP. Whether you're a beauty, health, apparel, food & beverage or travel company, Cartloop enables your audience to shop with a real human and get a memorable shopping experience that they'll tell their friends about.

Mobile and desktop app
Mobile and desktop app
Monthly active users
on-the-go texting

Reach exponentially more customers

Traditional live chat is not enough anymore. Offer customers the most convenient on-the-go shopping experience on their favorite device. Minimize the buying friction and enable a next-level customer experience exactly when and how customers want it.

retention and profitability

Grow AOV, LTV and build long-lasting relationships

Drive re-engagement, upsells, crossells, and timely reminders with Conversational Flows. Proactively interact with your shoppers at the most important moments, like when they abandon their carts or after they received their order.

Monthly active users
increased conversion rates

Delight first-time shoppers with personalized recommendations

Increase conversion rates with hyper-personalized product recommendations. Quickly guide your customers through a tailored buying experience and help them find the perfect product based on their needs.

retention and profitability

Messaging platform to manage hundreds of SMS conversations

Centralize all SMS under a single roof. Cartloop provides the only Inbox designed exclusively for human-powered SMS conversations. Ready-to-use context, fastest response time, better personalized recommendations, team collaboration, and no more missed opportunities.

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text-worthy numbers

More revenue for you with conversational experiences

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“The SMS platform that cares.”

That really cares. About you and about your customers. A justified investment. The numbers are also reflected on our end. It's been amazing being with you guys.

Ama - Founder @ Plantmade
Founder at PLANTMADE

“Cartloop's conversational SMS is a game changer!”

The conversion rate from the abandoned cart recovery is 2x better than the automated flow in the SMS platform I use. It's a no brainer to switch and save more sales. Additionally, the Cartloop team is incredible! They have been so accommodating and they've helped us configure everything exactly how we need. They stay in constant touch via Slack about results and new features. 10/10!

Cartloop testimonial - Kenny Azama - founder @ The Wander Club
Kenny Azama
Founder at The Wander Club

“I cannot tell you just how impressed I've been!”

We've even tested it from our own devices to ask somewhat more challenging questions and the Cartloop team delves into our FAQs, into our reviews, past conversations, goes through our site and ensures they're answering a customer message to the best of their ability. Super, super impressed! Thank you guys.

Tom Brown - CEO @ BRDN labs - Cartloop testimonial
Tom W Brown
Founder at BRND Labs

“The Cartloop revolution is here.”

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Cartloop user testimonial
John Carter
Los Angeles, CA

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"Hands-off making money"
Super easy implementation, even hands-off making money through basic flows and the concierge service. With the implementation of flows we save approximately 3 hours a day of manual text messaging and allowed us to move on to one complete solution for the SMS communication channel with our clients.
Luke, Director at Black Velvet Sydney
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