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Head of Marketing

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You’ve probably seen hundreds (if not thousands) of marketing job posts and you’re tired of reading the same BS over and over again. Sounds familiar? Yes, we’ve been there too. Precisely why we aim to do this differently.

We’ll tell you exactly what you’re getting into and you decide for yourself if we’re worthy of your application. Sounds good? Let’s do it!

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But do take a look at the role first!

💬 So, what is Cartloop?

Glad you asked. Conversational text marketing is the future of ecommerce and DTC brands. Here's why: 75% of millennials prefer text when interacting with their favorite brands (source). The problem? 99% of text communication is automated — we're here to change that.

Cartloop is building the tool that helps brands interact with customers through 1:1 text message conversations driven by real people (and no, we're not building chat bots!).

Our product drives revenue for ecommerce brands, while making the shopping experience much better for the people. Compared to any other marketing tool, people actually love interacting with Cartloop!

We got started just earlier in 2020, and we're already serving hundreds of ecommerce companies, including Shineon and Schoolyardsnacks.

Is working with a real-world application that directly touches the lives of thousands, your thing? Then yeah, Cartloop is for you.

🕺🏻 Team, culture & stuff

This is our favorite part. We’ve seen companies that use some 'templatized' BS for this section; stuff that’s never followed in reality.

Not us. Here are some of our core values to give you a sense of who we are as a team:
  • First and foremost, ownership and autonomy is important to us. We take responsibility in everything we do, mistakes included. We learn from them to avoid them later. We can't achieve excellence if there are no bumps in the road.
  • We're product-driven. Building a great product and shipping features is at the core of what we do.
  • Good communication is key. Asynchronous way of working is where we're headed — and clear, transparent communication is one of the means of getting there.
  • We're pretty obsessed by efficiency. Never-ending meetings? Repetitive tasks? Stuff that doesn't make a difference? Nope. We're always looking for ways to make us more efficient.
  • Get things done. We take our work seriously. We’re a small bunch on a mission to change ecommerce marketing once and for all.
  • Deadlines are a thing for us. We are super punctual.
  • We’re backed by some awesome investors who are extremely supportive of what we do.
  • Monthly 1:1s with the founders where you can directly share & receive feedback.
Not convinced yet? Okay, here’s the good stuff:
  • Flexible work policy. Night owl or early riser, work whenever you want as long as results speak for themselves.
  • We’re fully remote with team members on 3 continents. Work from anywhere in the world, we’re all good.
  • Allowances to choose your coworking space (if you want), courses & anything that you think is beneficial to succeed with us.
For this role, you’ll be directly working with:
  • Lucian, who heads growth. Before joining Cartloop, Lucian built several ecommerce brands and grew to one of the top 5 Shopify Apps of all time.
  • Lisa, who's the co-founder and COO at Cartloop. Lisa previously co-founded Relevon and built two ecommerce brands, while studying for Med School.
  • Andrei, who's the co-founder and CEO at Cartloop. He previously built (and sold) an ecommerce brand with customers in 100+ countries. He also runs The Growth Theory Podcast.

Needless to say, they know what they’re doing.

👩‍💻 The role & what we are looking for

What you'll do
  • Develop and lead our overall growth marketing strategy–– focused on conceptualizing and activating campaigns to generate qualified leads and strengthen the sales pipeline.
  • Position Cartloop as the category leader in the Conversational SMS Marketing space.
  • Define the core elements of the Cartloop brand. Craft and share our story. Oversee all aspects of the brand experience. Drive consistency and increase brand awareness and recognition.
  • Own all aspects of the customer journey across all marketing channels. Aggressively increase traffic and lead generation.
  • Introduce innovative marketing strategies that uniquely appeal to our target customer. Launch new channels and help improve and fuel our existing growth flywheel.
  • Be accountable for specific growth targets, particularly traffic and leads. Work very closely with Sales and Customer Success to make sales easier, improve the customer experience at every touchpoint, and exceed our growth targets.
  • Expand our digital marketing strategy by working with others across the marketing team to maximize qualified traffic and leads from SEO, paid social, search, content syndication.
  • Build and manage the marketing team. Recruit and retain a world-class team. Cultivate a data-driven mindset and culture of experimentation and continuous improvement.
  • Implement the foundation for effective marketing analytics and operations. Establish and achieve appropriate KPIs and performance metrics.
  • Own the marketing roadmap, including all planning, budgeting and execution.
You're bringing to the team
  • 5+ years of B2B SaaS marketing experience
  • Demonstrated success in building and scaling a successful B2B marketing team that achieved aggressive growth
  • Demonstrated ability to significantly impact lead generation in creative ways
  • Advanced understanding of B2B marketing tools and techniques
  • Leadership experience in early stage companies
  • Experience defining a category, brand, product and value proposition
  • Energy, proactivity, ability to adapt and learn quickly
  • Startup experience
  • Solid understanding of eCommerce and marketing technology
  • High attention to detail
  • Experience working in remote team

Why Join

  • 🚀 Join a high-growth tech startup in its early stages - lots of room for you to impact the company and grow your career!
  • 🌎 You're part of a global, remote team that embraces ownership, autonomy and good communication
  • 💡 High-impact position, as you apply your marketing skills to concrete business problems, and have an impact on all stages of our business
  • 🙏 Join a company where automation, efficiency and attention are core beliefs shared by all
  • ⭐️ Allowances to choose your co-working space (if you want), courses & anything that you think is beneficial to succeed with us
  • 🙌 Competitive salary and generous stock options package.

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