$15K+ in One Month with Conversational SMS

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Global department store with low brand affinity and a network of distribution centers across North America, Europe & Asia. Highest percentage of their customers are coming from the US and UK.

30-Day Performance

  • $15.098 Cartloop generated sales
  • 38% reply rate
  • 10% conversion rate 
  • 591 recovered carts
  • 5.911 conversations
  • 22749 active subscribers via checkout
  • 30 unsubscribed 


Most of the shoppers were having issues due to high shipping costs, deliverability, high prices and credit cards being declined. Thanks to Cartloop’s actionable insights that gathered feedback from each individual customer, the store became aware of the payment issue and was able to solve it, reducing the churn rate. To balance the shipping costs and products’ prices, they had a massive sale. This way, they were able to support shoppers during the current covid-19 situation.

What changed?

  • Shoppers’ credibility and trust increased
  • Customers are coming back 
  • Conversion rate increased
  • Shopping journey improved
  • One step ahead of the competition by talking to their customers on a daily basis

What’s next?

The store intends to scale by testing different kinds of offers and building their entire strategy around customer's lifecycle by implementing first-hand Cartloop's Beta Post Purchase program.

Lisa Popovici

Co-founder at Cartloop. Med School graduate turned to tech. When she's not working on growing Cartloop, you'll probably find Lisa working out or preparing an avocado toast for a late brunch.

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