Reaching Product-Market Fit and Beyond

Episode Highlights

In this episode, we are joined by Sam Mendelsohn from Sivana Spirit. Sam talked to us about what it takes to build a globally acclaimed brand and the ins and outs of engineering product-market fit. He mentions that validating a product need is as straightforward as finding a product that fills a need in an area you are experienced in and following the guidelines of your customer as well as your own use of the product.  We also talked about the history of the brand, taking it from a small family business to a leading DTC brand. Today, Sivana Spirit is among the Top 1% Shopify stores, and Sam tells us they were among the first 200 Shopify stores, back when Shopify was an emerging brand with less than 20 employees.

Episode notes

In this episode we covered topics like:

  • Strategies for building a leading DTC brand 
  • Engineering a successful product-market fit
  • The psychology of acquisitions: why people buy the product they do and how to differentiate yourself with so many options available 
  • The 6 pillars of a successful product market fit:
  • Product. Finding a quality product and ensuring there is a need for it in the market 
  • Brand. The creative process behind building a leading brand is paramount - from product photography to the look and feel of your online story
  • Community: building a community around your brand and finding supporters
  • Experience: Amazon is dominating customer service
  • Values: what are the values your brand stands for? Is it Fair trade or eco-friendly? Find what makes you unique and implement it in all areas
  • Culture: The way you scale your team and the culture you promote internally   


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