Cartloop Launches Two-Way Campaigns, a Better Way to Build Customer Relationships and Drive Revenue

Two-Way Campaigns help you build stronger customer relationships and drive extra revenue by sending targeted, personalized text messages, all while keeping the conversation alive. From limited time promotions, new arrivals or nurturing content, two-way campaigns offer the best way to engage shoppers.

Behind your shoppers' purchasing decisions are a range of human emotions. If businesses fail to understand the drive behind a buying intent, empathize and meet the needs of their shoppers, it will result in a severe disconnect between expectations and reality.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new human-powered feature, Cartloop's approach to SMS marketing campaigns - Two-Way Campaigns 🎉

Grow faster with two-way text campaigns

Two-Way Campaigns are SMS marketing campaigns, with a twist. Unlike the regular SMS blasts, which are one-off campaigns, Cartloop's Two-Way Campaigns are based on 1:1 interaction with the shopper.

The way they work is quite simple: you send the campaign to a segmented list and when someone replies to that campaign our Live Experts will take over the conversation just like the way we do with abandoned carts. So this means zero maintenance or support for the campaigns from your side.

This way, you will be able to craft your own messages and send offers, news, updates, or just nurture your customer base, knowing they can reply and get instant support at any time.

Always deliver to the right audience

Segmenting customers based on shared attributes, helps you send relevant, timely promotions to your audience. By targeting subscribers based on their purchase history, text engagement, demographics, and more, you can find out a lot about their shopping habits and increase conversion rates.

Go beyond text blasts

84 percent of consumers consider customer service to be a key factor when deciding whether to purchase, and only three percent say it’s unimportant.

Making your customers fall in love with your brand can be easily done by adopting a conversational approach to SMS campaigns. Cartloop's merchants convert more subscribers into lifetime customers by adding a human tone to their messages.

Keep the conversation alive and going

Shoppers demand real-time, empathic communications and reject anything that seems even remotely impersonal.

Most brands are focused on sending out bulk text message blasts with little to no personalization. Not only does this affect your customers in the present moment, but it alters the way they feel about the content they receive from you. True SMS marketing personalization is possible with conversational campaigns that focus not on volume, but on the real value they provide.

With Cartloop's Two-Way Campaigns we enable you to do just that - we use real people to reply empathically to your shoppers, in real-time and with zero overhead.

Higher LTV means more money and happier customers

Say goodbye to confused customers, deliverability issues and high unsubscribe rates. At Cartloop we use dedicated numbers for each brand and all interactions happen in a single conversation. Your shoppers will have a single point of contact and consistent number to text at anytime.

You can learn more about the difference between Shared and Dedicated Phone Numbers here, everything you need to know about the recent news on SMS Marketing Short Codes being banned and why Cartloop merchants are covered here.


95 percent of consumers say that customer service is important for brand loyalty. So why not let your customers reply to your campaigns and get the personalized shopping experience they deserve?

Ready to drive incremental revenue and higher LTV with Two-Way Campaigns? Get started for free or request a free demo.

Co-founder at Cartloop. Med School graduate turned to tech. 7 years of eCommerce experience. When she's not working on growing Cartloop, you'll probably find Lisa working out or preparing an avocado toast for a late brunch.

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