5 Steps to Maximize ROI with Email & Conversational SMS Marketing

About the webinar

How can you make sure you’re converting more customers to maximize your ROI? Learn 5 strategies to cut through the marketing clutter and craft a message that’s hard to ignore for your eCommerce store. Email marketing still promises to be one of the highest performing channels to date. Adding SMS into the automation mix with the human factor will give it a two-punch factor of immediacy combined with personalization.

Your hosts
  • Joshua Chin, founder at Chronos
  • Lisa Popovici, founder at Cartloop
What you will learn
  • SMS, the perfect complement to Email: humanizing your Customer’s Journey
  • How to maximize your revenue gains consistently using Email Marketing
  • How to achieve long term results to boost ROI
  • Merging SMS & Email Marketing to pack an extra punch for time-sensitive offers
Who should attend
  • eCommerce Managers/Operators
  • eCommerce Growth Marketers
  • DTC Marketers
  • Conversion Optimization Experts
How much it costs?

It's free!

About Joshua Chin

Hi, I'm Joshua Chin the Co-founder & CEO of Chronos Agency, a data-driven eCommerce email marketing agency. Our clients enjoy an average of 35x ROI on email marketing. Our team have worked with 200+ eCommerce clients to generate a 20-30% boost in trackable email revenue. Fun fact, Chronos was launched in a dorm room.

About Lisa Popovici

Hey, I'm Lisa, the co-founder and COO of Cartloop. On a mission to driving growth and building long-lasting consumer-brand relationships by adding the human element to text messaging. At Cartloop, we’re not just blasting messages, we’re bringing the in-store shopping experience online. When not growing Cartloop, you’ll probably find me working out or cooking a healthy avocado toast.

Wanna learn more about me? Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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