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How Belle Fever Drives 21x ROI by Using Conversational SMS to Scale a Sustainable Customer Relationships Channel



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About Belle Fever

Belle Fever is an Australian jewellery brand, that started as a side-project for selling to friends and family on Valentine's Day 2012.

With its name inspired by its founder Sarah's daughter, Isabella, their mission was simple: to capture precious memories that serve as a reminder of proud moments in life.

Both Sarah, the founder, and her husband, have been in the jewellery business for nine years. Once they started getting traffic and inquires for Belle Fever on their Facebook page, they built a website on Shopify and grew into a successful business that has sold more than one million customised, handmade pieces, mostly through Social Media, giveaways and word of mouth.

We just started getting traffic and people inquiring about it. And then we built a website from there - that's how pretty much it started. - Sarah, founder of Belle Fever

You can read more about Sarah's amazing story here.

SMS Marketing Adoption

Similar to the story behind how Cartloop was born, most of Belle Fever's marketing efforts were relying on external channels such as paid advertising. The founders were testing and experimenting with a bunch of apps and learning from various marketing guides, but it all became costly and risky.

This year, we've taken a step back and realized we were relying too much on paid advertising. And it became quite costly. So we had to take a step back and really look at how we could sustain everything. - Sarah, founder of Belle Fever

They decided to adopt different channels, turn their marketing efforts into a holistic strategy and create a strong foundation.

Why Cartloop

Sarah was receiving texts from some brands she was a customer at, and there was one thing she knew she didn't want - to not annoy her customers if they start implementing SMS marketing.

Moreover, they were successfully using messenger marketing, running a bunch of flows, leveraging gamification and chat bots. But once again, the third-party "profitable" channel added the 24-hour rule so the audience reach had reduced and the costs have been rising substantially.

At first, they started using SMS, but mainly for transactions. They wanted to leverage it further, but didn't know how. That's when Sarah found Cartloop.

I thought it looked interesting. I didn't have a worry that sometimes customers might feel it's spammy. The thing that I liked about Cartloop - it wasn't just robotic. We don't want our customers to feel as I said, like a number. We don't want just automated messages. Even when we built out the bots for our messenger. We wanted it to still feel like it was human. So some customers didn't even know they were talking to a bot. So when I saw Cartloop, and spoke to Alexandra, who said that there are real people -that really ticked one of the boxes. - Sarah, founder of Belle Fever


🚀 +$25,000 Driven Revenue
🚀 21x ROI
🚀 57% Conversion Rate
🚀 30,933 Active Subscribers


  • Conversational insights
We can actually give feedback on the conversations. We go through them and just see how everything's going. So it's transparent, which is good. - Sarah, founder of Belle Fever
  • Done-for-you SMS marketing
The expertise behind it. You guys deal with a lot of other businesses. So you have insight into what is in the industry, what works, what doesn't. So having that expertise really helps to guide us as we've just started in SMS. - Sarah, founder of Belle Fever
  • 24/7 Live Experts
What we like about it the most is that it is real people. Rather than having the headache of managing people. We manage our team now it's already stressful as it is. It takes the headache out of that. - Sarah, founder of Belle Fever

Why should you install Cartloop on your Shopify store?

Installing a conversational SMS marketing tool that helps you build long-term relationships will not only drive you higher ROI, but will also offer shoppers a way to connect with you seamlessly. Choosing the right solution for your needs is critical, as not all SMS marketing apps offer the same features and performance. There's a thin line between annoying your customers and actually delighting them.

Brands will continue to focus on marketing tools that enhance CX and create hyper-personalized experiences, and below are the reasons why Cartloop is your best choice.

  • Recover 3x more abandoned carts with text messages powered by real people
  • Let customers reach you 24/7 by text — with literally no effort from your team
  • Have customers receive texts from dedicated local phone numbers that build brand recognition and familiarity
  • Single point of contact and consistent number for your shoppers to text
  • Lower your support costs, tickets and hours spent on solving tickets
  • Forge lasting relationships that will keep customers coming back long after they leave your store
  • Stop relying on third-party channels, and start leveraging zero and first-party data
  • Gather actionable customer feedback and insights
  • Enable shoppers to get that personal "shopping assistant" experience

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