Ryan McGuire from Tinuiti

How to Build a Holistic Marketing Strategy For Your Brand

July 22, 2020

Episode Highlights

Email vs SMS? More like Email and SMS.

In this episode, Andrei sits down with Ryan McGuire — the VP of Email & CRM of Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing agency in the US. With 15 years of experience in the email and CRM field, Ryan explain why — and how high-growth brands and retailers approach email and SMS, as part of a holistic marketing strategy.

Today’s actionable podcast brings topics like:

  • One-to-many marketing vs one-to-one marketing
  • The risks and challenges of over-communicating as a brand and how to avoid it
  • Selecting the marketing channels based on demographics
  • How to use Direct Mail as part of your marketing strategy
  • How to ensure email, SMS and direct mail are working together to augment results
  • Building the foundation for email & SMS marketing success
  • How to choose the right digital marketing agency for your brand.

This is a must listen for those who want to drive growth by not relying on a single channel —but by using a holistic approach.