Will Critcher

Building a Legacy Brand That People Love

September 3, 2020

Episode Highlights

In this episode, we talked with Will Critcher, Director of eCommerce for Death Wish Coffee Company: world’s strongest coffee. We sit down with Will to find out the secrets behind what makes Death Wish one of the fastest-growing consumer brands in the US and why the community of supporters they built is so engaged and committed. We talked about building a legacy brand, growth hacks and Amazon sales, but also – we heard some fun behind the scenes stories!

Episode notes

Today’s actionable podcast brings topics like:

  • Strategies for finding the right communications channel at the right time – and letting go of those that do not bring results
  • Marketing to multiple age groups and keeping your customers loyal throughout the years
  • How brands build communities without complex resources or high budgets
  • What is a legacy brand
  • How Death Wish Coffee Company became the #1 best-selling ground coffee on Amazon for the past 5 years  and the #5 best-selling grocery product on Amazon in 2019
  • How the 3rd highest revenue day the company has ever had (6 figures within a few hours) happened during a pandemic