Kirpal Bharaj

From Idea to Award-Winning Products

September 10, 2020

Episode Highlights

12 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year.

That’s what Science Magazine tells us and the statistics on plastic use worldwide are staggering – according to a recent study. Thankfully, companies like StaySixty joined the anti-plastic movement ahead of their time with innovative and sustainable products to reduce the use of a material that takes up to 1000 years to decompose.

In this episode we are joined by Kirpal Bharaj, co-founder of StaySixty, an award winning brand of design-focused, reusable water bottles. With features in the Guardian, Refinery 29, the BBC and so on, Kirpal talked to us about how they managed to market StaySixty on a budget and the inspiration behind the brand.

Episode notes

In this episode we covered topics like:

  • Strategies for planning and building an MVP
  • How to leverage TV and media to boost initial traction
  • Pros and cons of building a unique product from scratch
  • The must-have checklist of every manufacturer
  • How to protect your IP rights without spending a fortune