Lewis Fausett

How to Build a Content Engine for Your DTC Brand

August 27, 2020

Episode Highlights

Building content that converts it’s (still) a challenge for most DTC brands. In this episode, Lewis Fausett, the COO of Patrick Adair Designs shares his insights and techniques which helped the exotic luxury ring brand go from 20K to 750K Youtube subscribers in just a couple of years. You’ll find out why creating fresh content is better than creating “perfect content”, how to build a content strategy for a DTC brand, how to launch video ads on a budget and much more.

Episode notes

Today’s actionable podcast brings topics like:

  • Building a massive Youtube subscriber base
  • Challenges and benefits of selling hand-crafted products 
  • How to get inspiration for creating video content 
  • How to launch MVP videos that convert
  • Scaling video ads on Youtube, Facebook, and Tik Tok

This is a must-listen for those who want to build a content machine for their DTC brand.