Matthew Kelly from Neon Beach

How To Build an 8-Figure Brand in 8 Months

July 30, 2020

Episode Highlights

From dropping out of University to building one of the fastest-growing lifestyle DTC brands in just 8 months, Matthew Kelly's story is far from an "overnight success".

In this episode we cover a lot: you’ll find out why Matt decided to shut down his 7-figure dropshipping business and quit living the nomad lifestyle, what it’s like to be approached by Wiz Khalifa, how to build a massive influencer community without spending a dime and how to build your brand with an exit strategy in mind.

My favorite quote of the episode, as Matthew says it: “we’re not selling products, we’re selling a vibe”.

Today’s actionable podcast brings topics like:

  • The best way to launch a DTC brand today
  • Creating scroll-stopping Instagram content
  • The advantages of a complex supply chain
  • Building a DTC brand vs. dropshipping 
  • Planning an exit strategy for your brand

This is a must-listen for those who want to build a fast-growing aspirational DTC brand.