Eric Glader

How to Disrupt an Industry

October 29, 2020

Episode Highlights

Episode Summary

Launched in 2016, Powerdot is disrupting the EMS industry. The vision of Eric Glader, founder and CEO of Powerdot, is to give people easy and affordable access to world-class muscular therapy, right in comfort of their homes, in the gym or on the field.

In this episode, Eric shares insights on how he seized the opportunity to innovate an industry dominated by global corporations. His story is goes beyond building a product which generated over one million dollar in sales in the first 6 months of operation. Listen to this episode to learn how resilience and great execution combined with building a team of A-players turned Powerdot into an 8-figure global brand in just 4 years.

Eric explains, “We feel we can make a change in the way healthcare is delivered. And, more importantly, our focus has always been ‘How do we deliver more healthcare to more people at a better price?’”

Episode Notes

Today’s podcast brings topics like:

  • Key learnings from growing a company from Zero to an 8-figure revenue
  • Pre-launch product marketing tactics
  • How focusing on authentic, organic growth can lead you to your first $1M
  • Coming out on top from challenges threatening business survival
  • Overcoming challenges in the face of adversity
  • Building a team that cares about your product as much as you do
  • Retaining talent and fostering a supportive growth environment for the team