Rishi Sharma

How to Grow Your DTC Brand Organically

August 6, 2020

Episode Highlights

Launching and building a DTC brand without relying on ads? Sounds impossible, right? 

Rishi Sharma, the Founder and CEO of Mallama Skincare adopted a different approach when it comes to building a DTC brand. Instead of focusing on paid advertising, he went about building a community by creating valuable content for its audience. You’ll find out why he decided to build an organic brand instead of getting aggressive with paid advertising from day 1 and what its like to approach marketing from a different perspective.

Episode notes

Today’s actionable podcast brings topics like:

  • Validating your idea before launching a DTC brand
  • Developing a content marketing strategy 
  • Innovating by creating new digital experiences
  • The importance of understanding consumer trends
  • Why reverse engineering high-growth brands is essential

This is a must-listen for those who want to build a fast-growing organic DTC brand.