Erik Huberman

The 3 Pillars of Marketing: Awareness, Nurturing, Trust

August 13, 2020

Episode Highlights

Episode summary

What do the fastest growing DTC brands have in common? They all look at marketing as a 3-step process: awareness, nurturing and trust building. In this episode, Erik Huberman, the Founder of Hawke Media shares his approach to building a holistic marketing strategy that turns shoppers into long-term brand advocates.

Episode notes

Today’s podcast brings actionable topics like:

  • Why most brands fail at nurturing and building trust with customers
  • How to craft a marketing strategy that turns shoppers into brand advocates
  • Choosing between social vs. intent-based ads
  • Why brands fail to understand the “Consideration Period”
  • How to leverage word of mouth as a marketing channel

This is a must-listen for those who want to build a solid marketing foundation for their DTC brand.