Call to action (CTA)

What are CTAs

CTAs aim to convince your readers to take a specific action and act immediately, whether you intend them to contact you, click on your banner, send you a message or download a document.

Why do CTAs matter

A call to action is a vital element on a webpage or app screen, acting as a guide to tell the user what to do next. Without a clear CTA, pages might be confusing and unclear to the user, which might result in them leaving the site or your app, without moving down through the sales funnel.

For example, if your blogposts don't offer clear CTAs and directions of what to do next for the reader, it is highly likely that they will leave the site. However, should you guide them through other relevant blogposts, prompt them to sign up to your newsletter or book a demo, that can stimulate them to continue interacting with your content.