Click-through rate (CTR)

What are CTRs

Click-through rates show the percentage of clicks vs impressions on an SMS campaign.

Why do CTRs matter

CTRs are a way to understand the performance of an ad campaign and benchmark campaign performance. You can compare CTRs across campaigns or decide to run creative A/B testing to identify what terms or copy increase interaction - and, ultimately, campaign performance. This will direct future strategic decisions regarding marketing campaigns and help you determine where to invest the majority of your advertising budget, for the highest ROI.

You should keep in mind that a CTR alone shouldn't be your only strategic point. High CTRs don't always correspond to a high conversion rate. For example, with two campaigns, one with a 10% CTR and the other with a 5% CTR, but with the second one having a much higher conversion rate, it can happen that this has a better ROI, despite having a lower  CTR.