Conversational SMS Marketing

What is Conversational SMS Marketing

Text messaging is supposed to be personal, that's why conversational text messaging provides a unique and personalized experience, where users can engage with a brand, text back and get real-time answers to their questions

Why does Conversational SMS Marketing matter

Conversational SMS is a two-way message stream, with its main benefit being the ability of users to text back and not wait for hours for a reply from customer service teams. On top of that, there are several key benefits of incorporating conversational SMS in the marketing mix of eCommerce brands:

Benefits of Conversational SMS Marketing

Real-time insights and feedback

  • Helping merchants take data-driven decisions
  • Helping merchants find otherwise undetected problems or areas of improvement

Improved shopping experience

  • Bringing the in-store shopping experience online
  • Offering customers a personal shopping assistant free of charge
  • Delivering human-powered product recommendations
  • Offering a Premium experience for shoppers
  • Reducing customer support tickets

Consistent results

  • Conversing with actual people behind each text
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Increasing customer LTV

Builds trust and customer relationships

  • Creating a personalized experience for customers in a conversational tone
  • Offering shoppers someone to reach out to instantly
  • Allowing customers to feel safe when purchasing for the first time
  • Showing customers that someone actually cares about them
  • Listening to what your customers are saying
  • Providing actual value to the customer

Quicker reply rates, like in an actual text conversation

  • With automated texts when someone replies they are getting routed to support which can take hours or days to reply

First-hand support

  • 24/7 Support
  • Help with payment issues
  • Help navigate technical hurdles
  • Answer product questions
  • Answer shipping related questions
  • Solves pain points

Low unsubscribe rates

  • Because of the human tone, people are less likely to unsubscribe