Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation

Automation of marketing processes refers to any marketing activity that uses software to automate tasks in order to decrease inefficiencies and reduce the number of repetitive actions.

Why does Marketing Automation matter

Marketers spend a lot of their time analyzing data and setting up campaigns, hence services and software that reduce this workload offer a lot of value to marketing teams by increasing their efficiency.

On top of removing repetitive activities for human users, automation can also reduce human error and rapidly react to changing parameters of a marketing campaign, automatically thus optimizing campaigns.

As the competition for ad space increases, programmatic automation software can make decisions over ad placements without human intervention. This can be extremely beneficial for teams with multiple active campaigns across various media that require fine-tuning and constant observation. With the help of an automation tool, marketers can focus on strategy and creativity instead of spending hours on end on implementation and fine-tuning.