What is Retargeting

Retargeting, or sometimes known as 'Remarketing', is a tactic used by advertisers to target users who have previously either installed an app or clicked on a previous ad.

Why does Retargeting matter

This tactic is often used by marketers because a user's previous intent to buy can make them much more likely to convert than a brand new user.

When it comes to lead generation, there is a difference between user acquisition and retargeting, and which one is more effective. While a healthy marketing strategy focuses both on attracting new users and converting previously engaged prospects, the efficiency of retargeting is why this tool is still heavily relied upon by marketing teams. Generally speaking, when engaging users who have previously had contact with your brand and are, as such, further down the funnel, is much more likely to end in conversion.

Most often, marketers use push notifications or ads to reach this group of users and prospects in order to lead them through the sales funnel. While this doesn't guarantee a conversion every single time, it does help keep the brand top of mind.

Marketers should also be cautious and not overdo it. Too many push notifications run the risk of users disabling them altogether for a specific app.