How the Most Crowdfunded Fitness Brand Uses Conversational SMS to Build Relationships & Boost Sales

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BionicGym is a next-generation health & wellness brand, a technology created by Dr. Louis Crowe, that lets you workout and burn calories anywhere. It uses impulses that stimulate the motor-neurons in the legs and gluteal muscles telling them to contract repeatedly. By mimicking shivering, applied to legs, via special electrical signals, some of the device’s benefits are being able to burn calories rapidly, increase heart rate, increase VO2 max levels by exercising at levels equivalent to intense exercise.


Exercise is hugely important for us all.  BionicGym wants to help millions be fitter, healthier, and perhaps even happier!

Why they started 

Having high-ticket products in the health & wellness industry, BionicGym wanted to make sure their customers receive the best support throughout their entire shopping journey, including educating their customers on the benefits of their product. 

BionicGym started working a couple months back with Blazer, a digital marketing agency based in Vilnius and one of Cartloop partners. The team at Blazer knew from the very start SMS marketing is a high growth channel, saw the attention and care end customers receive by brands using Cartloop so they implemented it after optimizing the BionicGym site. You can find more about Blazer Agency here.

Why Cartloop

They wanted to partner with Cartloop to reach customers easier, connect with them on a personal level and get as much feedback on their products as possible. 

Lisa: How does prioritization look like for BionicGym?

Tuoyo: Customers come first with us always. We've seen a huge increase in sales since we started using Cartloop so we're going back to growing and training our customer support teams.


  • $14,478 Cartloop generated sales
  • $603.28 Average cart value
  • 64% Reply rate
  • 26% Conversion rate
  • 2145 Active Subscribers
  • 0 Unsubscribed

BionicGym has also implemented a cart abandonment reminder that sends a text message reminder to subscribers 24 hours after they received the first abandoned cart text, but they didn’t purchase yet. This automated message has resulted in 24%+ conversion rates, helping recover sales that otherwise might be lost. Overall, the brand has seen 18x ROI since adopting our conversational mobile messaging solution.

BionicGym also uses email marketing along with text messaging to further nurture their shoppers.


Lisa: What are three things BionicGym loves the most about Cartloop?

Tuoyo: It's very personal - As a consumer, you want to be met where you're at. I feel Cartloop opens another avenue that email can't so this is most important for us. It's also quick. The team has done a great job in making the product easy to use. 

Customer Insights 

During the past month, we gathered insights on the main reasons causing cart abandonment for BionicGym and provided actionable tips to their team on what parts of the business would need more attention. Here’s what we’ve found out:

  • Shipping costs were too high - A lot of customers complained of having to pay extra for shipping, so they decided to offer a discount to incentivize customers who abandon their carts. 
  • More payment methods requested - Customers requested Paypal and the option to pay in instalments through Affirm or Klarna.
  • Shipping time questions - Most of the customers are concerned about delivery times. Due to the instant support, they get real-time updates on their orders to remain confident about their purchase.
  • Technical support issues  - Before making the purchase, customers are interested in knowing how the device actually works. BionicGym provides videos and tutorials with tips on how the product works, so our Experts are able to describe it to customers via text without them having to navigate to another page while at checkout.
  • FAQ page - needed updating as it lacked some vital information


  • 18x ROI
  • No additional effort required for their team
  • Sales within 48 hours of installing Cartloop
  • Increased shoppers trust in the product’s technology and performance 
  • A reduced number of hesitant customers due to Cartloop Experts’ attention and care 
  • A decrease in customer support tickets by 15%
  • BionicGym has gained an advantage over its eCommerce competitors and is able to send 1:1 relevant messages whenever customers need it the most.

What’s Next

As for future plans to scale this channel, BionicGym intends on implementing Cartloop’s post-purchase flows—Welcome Texts, Order Placed and Customer Winback—which will allow them to reach, engage and winback customers after they have purchased at least once. They’re also interested in creating seasonal campaigns and creating A/B tests to see which perform better.

Lisa: What does the future of BionicGym look like in terms of building customer relationships and driving growth?

Tuoyo: We want to be even more personal and speak directly to our community as we grow and we definitely need to get all our systems automated and Cartloop is at the center of a lot of this.

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