How Planted Drove 14X ROI by Engaging Shoppers on 4th of July with a Restock Conversational Campaign

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About Planted

Planted is a UK-based haircare brand that relies on centuries-old secrets from Africa and Asia to effectively treat alopecia, balding, thinning hair, and beard growth with 100% plant-driven, natural solutions.

The brand's flagship product— a hair and beard oil aptly named "Inches" was coined "hair crack" by her customers.

Founded in June 2020 by Ama Amo-Agyei, a wellness entrepreneur with a background in psychology, Planted's success was founded only on four flagship products.

With earthy names such as Roots, Soil, Inches, and Drizzle, Planted's fully disclosed ingredients list on their website is impressive with aloe vera, amla, Chébé, shikaki, henna, frankincense oil, and more. And her customers love it.

To get your hands on Planted's cult products you'll have to be quick— whenever a restock happens all of them sell out within hours.

4th of July Restock Campaign Performance

  • $53,571 Revenue
  • 14X ROI
  • 8.7% CTR
  • 511 Orders
  • 16,042 UK & US Subscribers

Benefits of Conversational Campaigns

One-way campaigns are a missed opportunity to convert shoppers into brand enthusiasts. Two-way campaigns enable you to engage and convert customers the right way.

This means👇

  • 2x higher conversion rates vs one-way campaigns
  • The human touch builds rapport and trust
  • No missed opportunities
  • Our internal Expert team provides instant answers when a shopper replies
  • A single conversation
  • We route two-way messages through dedicated, local phone numbers
  • Less customer support headaches and costs for your team

Overall, Two-Way Campaigns allow you to add a new revenue channel without your team spending additional hours on making sure to:

  • Always deliver to the right audience
  • Go beyond stilted text blasts
  • Have a consistent number for your customers to text at anytime
  • Unlock the lifetime value of your customers by keeping them happy

Follow Ama and her amazing founder journey on Twitter here.

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