How Self-Care Empowers Customers & Creates Stickiness Through Their SMS Community

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About Self-Care Is for Everyone

Self-Care Is For Everyone is a brand focused on improving mental health for well…everyone. Their mission is to build a community that empowers individuals to share their stories and to help others improve their mental health. They donate 10% of their net profits to mental health and suicide prevention initiatives & nonprofits each and every year.

Why did Self-Care adopt conversational SMS marketing?

Because of their focus on building a community and empowering others, the Self-Care team knew that they wanted an SMS platform that helps them hold conversations with customers and to help build relationships at scale. Instead of relying on an SMS platform powered by automation that seems “cold,” our approach focuses on letting their customers know they’re speaking to an actual human.

Here’s how our team at Cartloop helped Self-Care Is For Everyone scale their brand and relationships with customers.


  • 24.7x ROI
  • 37% Conversion Rate
  • 45% Reply Rate
  • 20,263 Subscribers

The Cartloop Strategy

Our approach to Self-Care is to start by offering discounts codes as a way to drive engagement. If the discount code doesn’t drive a conversion, we offer assistance and make sure all the feedback from customers is captured and their questions are addressed.

Self Care is a brand that was built off of communicating with our customers which is one of the reasons we love working with Cartloop. Having real people in real time interact with our customers is not only very on brand for us but it's what our customers expect. The result has been a much better experience for our customers and thus led to many more sales for our business. Their team shares real time feedback, wins and losses of the week, and takes branding direction extremely well, making them a pleasure to work with. - John Allen, CEO of Self Care

Cartloop experts have been trained on how to handle any incoming message from Self-Care customers. We understood their brand personality, policy and made sure to make it visible in every single interaction.

Because of the kind and mental health-focused approach, a lot of times shoppers are opening up and sharing experiences with us. This makes them more likely to trust the Self-Care brand and are more likely to become loyal customers.

Here are some examples of how we message customers:

  • Hope you're finding time to take care of yourself 💖
  • Hope you get to unplug and recharge this weekend 🔌 --- (if it's a Friday)
  • Sending you so much love 💕

To keep up with the self-care branding, we also focus on using positive emojis like the following: 💕☀️😍♥️🎨🧡✨🌼🌱🌿🌈🔮💞💓💖💜

For returning customers who are texting us from time to time, our approach is fully focused on listening and helping them out. If they ask for a code, we do have codes for returning customers prepared


Overall, the Cartloop approach focuses on “being there” for Self-Care’s customer base. Whether they have a simple question about their order status, or they need positive feedback, we’re there for their customers 24/7.

Most of the time, shoppers we chatted with the first time they abandoned the cart are texting us back whenever they want to purchase. Some are using the number to vent or to reach out to someone when they need motivation. A lot of abandoned carts are becoming loyal customers due to the kind approach and amazing customer support.

Why Cartloop?

  • Access to SMS experts that work for you, 24/7
  • Convert 3x more customers with two-way texts than automated ones
  • Instill a sense of legitimacy & familiarity by using dedicated local phone numbers
  • SMS Concierge to fully manage your SMS, triage customer support, and build one-to-one relationships with subscribers
  • Access to our proprietary onboarding and support that sets you up for success starting at Meeting #1
  • Only pay for messages that convert
  • You save money, and we'll encourage best practices. It's a win-win.

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