Cartloop Launches Popups: a Seamless Way to Grow Your SMS & Email Subscriber Lists

Cartloop's newest popup feature is here! Brands can now seamlessly capture SMS opt-ins from website visitors and grow a fully compliant SMS subscriber list without compromising email capture.

How does the Cartloop Popup work?

With Cartloop's Popup you can grow a compliant SMS subscriber list alongside your email list to nurture your website visitors into returning happy customers.

You can enable the option to ask for both their phone number and email within the same form.

Once your visitor adds in their phone number, he/she will instantly become a subscriber and will receive a welcome text. The welcome text can be customized from your Cartloop account.

By its nature, SMS is a personal, two-way conversational channel. The benefit of on-site popups is that your shoppers will now have a direct channel to talk with your brand and get instant assistance: the Cartloop SMS conversation.

It's your turn to connect to skyrocket your revenue while connecting with your customers in a more delightful, personal way.

The Benefits of Using Cartloop Popup Feature

Let's look at two examples to see how this feature helps you grow your loyal fan base for your SMS marketing program.

Without Popups

  1. Messy, manual import of an existing list of SMS subscribers when transitioning to your new, fully-managed conversational SMS marketing platform
  2. Risk of non-compliance when syncing and migrating Shopify or existing customers to SMS subscribers
  3. Clunky progress in converting email subscribers into into SMS subscribers.

With Cartloop Popups

  1. You make a delightful first impression when a site visitor first lands on your website with a beautiful popup
  2. You unlock the highest converting opt-in method for your SMS program
  3. You give your audience a reason to join your SMS program in a seamless way
  4. You start converting website visitors to customers in minutes
  5. You don't miss out on collecting SMS subscribers on for both mobile and desktop traffic
  6. You immediately start talking directly to your customers with two-way campaigns to keep them engaged across their entire customer journey ✨
  7. You add a text-based concierge service through Cartloop's Live Experts who provide support 24/7 over 1:1 text conversation.

To learn more about creating on-brand popups that'll wow new visitors, try out Cartloop's conversational SMS marketing platform today— the first 14-days are on us!

Jun-Li is a content person at Cartloop. When she's not writing a blog article, you can find her collecting a new hobby or doing yoga.

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