Over 90% of all online carts are being abandoned. Abandoned and never to be seen again. Pretty sad, right? That's no surprise giving the fact that the attention span of individuals drops year over year.

In 2020, we set out to solve a single problem with Cartloop: helping brands recover more of their abandoned carts using a combination of text messages and real people to engage with shoppers in ways that automation or chatbot simply aren't able to do it.

The results? Hundreds of our merchants saw first-hand the power of looping a real person into the marketing mix. On average they see 3x better conversion rates vs. automated text sequences — but that's not all.

Even if Cartloop was only playing a tiny part in the customer journey, brands were starting to see multiple side benefits of adding Cartloop to their stack. Along with sustained growth brands started to see an increase in NPS, customer lifetime value, average order value, overwhelmingly positive feedback coming from their audience, better (and more!) online reviews, decrease in support load, decrease in customer complaints/chargebacks.

It turns out, people love talking to brands. People love attention. People love knowing someone is there for them every single day. People love to be treated like unique human beings and not like a phone number. People love being part of a community.

In turn, this creates a powerful bond which has long-lasting benefits for consumers and brands.

One year and millions of conversations later, I'm delighted to present the new Cartloop brand.

On the surface, you're looking at a fresh logo, fresh website, fresh look and feel. Behind the new brand is a new beginning for Cartloop. What started a year ago as a Shopify app designed to recover abandoned carts, today you're looking at the foundation for a conversational commerce platform that's changing the way brands and people interact — for the better.

Here's to the next chapter of Cartloop!


Andrei is the CEO at Cartloop. A founder, marketer, product guy, and eCommerce enthusiast. When he's not behind his laptop you'll find him hiking on a nearby trail or riding his motorcycle.

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