13 Must-Have Shopify Apps for Dropshipping Stores

Dropshipping is considered a medium risk business. Most money in this business model is spend on advertising. Some of the reasons a lot of these stores get stuck or fail is attributed to the them relying only on paid advertising, and not investing in marketing channels which they can actually own. Also selecting the wrong platform, not testing enough, providing bad customer support, having delayed shipping timeframes, or not paying attention to how the website's designs actually looks like are contributing factors.

We've gathered some of the best performing Shopify Apps that most dropshipping businesses use that will help cut through the clutter, own your marketing channels so you can optimize and scale your online store further.

1. Growave Loyalty Rewards

Growave helps you build and strengthen customer-brand relations, retain customers hence return purchases and strengthened customer-brand engagements through their convertible loyalty points. Apart from Loyalty and Rewards, the app also has an inbuilt referral program designed to help you grow your community by rewarding it, collect reviews from different channels, and reduce cart abandonment by sending targeted emails to fulfil sales from customers who showed intent but did not complete their purchase.

The free plan is best suited for stores with up to 100 orders/month.

2. LimeSpot Recommendations

Limespot takes personalized shopping to a whole new level by banking on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand your customer behavior. This makes it possible to offer product recommendations, and upsell or cross-sell across the web, email, mobile, and Ad Channels with a one-on-one personalized shopping experience to your customers.

Using customer intent, demographics, and purchasing behavior, Limespot's AI understands your product and your customers’ hence the ability to provide real-time, personalized recommendations tailored to each customer over time. This ultimately helps improve conversion rates, transaction sizes, and scale customer engagements.

Key Features:

  • Website Personalization: You can embed multiple personalized recommendations on every page including your blog, 404 pages, main menu, or cart page.
  • Email Personalization: You can deliver personalized product recommendations to your customers through email campaigns, and newsletters. The platform integrates with all major Email Service Providers (ESP) including Klaviyo, Omnisend, MailChimp, SendGrid, HubSpot, Brondo, etc.
  • A/B/N Testing: You can test and experiment with different placements and content and further compare the performance of each experiment.
  • Multiple Website Coverage: You can publish recommendations from your store to your other websites and drive traffic.

The Silver Plan begins at $0/month.

3. Vitals: 40+ apps in one

Imagine having all the 40+ apps that you need for your store in one app! Vitals brings all your essential apps, and essential features, into one platform, saving you plenty of business costs. Among the apps you might find under vitals include; a Currency Converter, Wheel of Fortune, Product Bundle (Works like Amazon's “Frequently Bought Together”), Content Protection, Product Reviews, etc.

All apps seamlessly work together while interacting flawlessly, and have a single point of support with a single experienced response team. If you're worried about speed issues arising as a result of having many apps under one platform, you need not to! All apps in the platform are loaded together and automatically cached into your customers’ browser. The implication is that, for each subsequent page view, the file loads from the customers’ local cache with no need to access the internet. This reduces load time and increases page speed.

Vitals will slash your app budget by almost half. Plans start at $29.99/month with a 30 day all-inclusive free trial.

4. Cartloop

Cartloop is a human-powered SMS marketing platform that acts as customers' personal shopping assistant. Using 1:1 conversational text messaging, Cartloop's Cart Recovery Experts™ guide your customers throughout their shopping journey in real-time. By effectively tapping into the power of human touch, Cartloop ensures instant results, a boost in ROI, and overall consistency. You will be able to build strong customer relationships while Cartloop focuses on bringing the in-store shopping experience online.

Pricing is based on a pay for performance model, which is, basically, risk-free. Cartloop is only successful if the store is successful. Also, all plans come with a 7-day free trial where they sent unlimited texts for you.

5. Justuno

Up-selling and cross-selling increases your possibilities of turning visitors to customers. Justuno gives you behavioral data about each visitor so you can segment the list and send the most relevant message to them. The suite of products in notifications, sales conversions, and optimization will prove beneficial to you and your business. With Justuno, you can use email popups, exit offers, countdown timers, spin to wins, and AI-powered promos to capture leads on your site, which in turn help you build a list of potential buyers, nurture and sell to them. 

The Free Plan is limited to less than 5000 visitor sessions.

6. Dropified

Dropified helps simply those strenuous daily dropshipping manual tasks. It automates dozens of the daily tasks essential for running a dropshipping store, cutting out the hassle, saving expenses and freeing up your time.

With Dropified you can import product reviews directly from Ali Express vendors to increase your conversion rates and credibility. Further, with Dropified, you no longer have to copy and paste order details since you can easily send them directly to your Ali Express and eBay suppliers. Product availability updates are also automated on the Dropified dashboard.

With the Builder plan, billed at $47/month, you can import up to 15,000 products to your store.

7. Frequently Bought Together

This app works just like the Amazon “Frequently Bought Together”, feature to offer related product recommendations (product bundles) to your customers. It simplifies the process of having to find for related products, hence boosts purchasing convenience with zero interruptions to shopping process. The bundled products are fully personalized to ensure that only the best product recommendations are displayed to certain customers hence the possibility of increased sales. You can actually apply discounts to cross-promoted products, scaling conversions and order values. To further enhance the customer shopping experience, the app shows the ratings of recommended products from other reviews apps.

Pricing begins at $7.99/month.

8. OrderMetrics

OrderMetrics replaces traditional spreadsheets and gives you everything you need to monitor your business performance in one clean dashboard. With this app, you will be able to answer some quintessential questions such as:

  • What is your customer lifetime value?
  • Which orders made the most profit?
  • Which orders cost the most to ship?

The app also gives an overview of your per order net profit after all costs including shipping, ad spend, transaction fees, discounts, and refunds. Cool right? This can also be aggregated. Further, with its its in house currency converter feature, you can choose a single base currency and the app will track daily fluctuations.

They have a flexible pricing plan which based on your revenue.

9. Rewind Backups

If you didn't know, Shopify can't help recover your data. Once lost, it's lost forever. This is a critical informational security and risk concept that most eCommerce platforms have to contend with. The associated downtime can result in a number of complications including.

  • Huge revenue loss in lost sales
  • Lost first-time visitors who may never return.
  • Immense hours of lost productivity and effort

Rewind Backups helps you securely back up your Shopify store, with the ability to undo unwanted changes. This makes sure that your most important store related data is never lost and can be retrieved anytime in case of accidents or errors. Rewind Backups is your partner for unforeseen information loss. 

The Basic Plan begins at $3/month.

10. Zipify One Click Upsell (OCU)

Up-selling is the art of encouraging customers to purchase a comparably higher-end product than the one in question. This technique results in larger order values including increased conversion rates. However, to effectively up-sell, you need the right app. The Zipify OCU, is an up-selling app that will ensure your average order value and total revenue increases over time by focusing on post-purchase up-selling. The app redirects customers to an up-sell page with targeted up-sell products after their purchase hence streamlining the shopping flow. You can customize the landing page to match your store design and further, it has a tagging system allowing you to customize what up-sell products you wish to offer.

Key Features:

  • Split testing: This feature allows you to run unlimited split tests to optimize your up-selling endeavours. You can Test which products work best, which discounts entice customers, and more.
  • Up-sell Sales Funnel Builder: This feature gives you full control of your up-sell offers. You can choose to offer one up-sell or create an entire sales funnel.
  • Unlimited Up-sells: Unlike other up-sell apps, you are not charged based on how many people see your offers. You can set as many up-sells as possible.
  • Pinpoint Targeting: Don't up-sell just for sake of up-selling. A good up-sell is a relevant up-sell, and there’s no offer more relevant to your customer than one based on a product they just bought.

Payment plans begin at $56/month billed annually.

11. Seguno Email Marketing

With Seguno, you create and send emails to your clientele, without leaving Shopify. The platform is optimized both for the Shopify mobile and Desktop versions. Further, since it is natively integrated with Shopify, you don't have to learn a new tool, and you will spend lesser time creating and sending emails.

A couple of its automated features include:

  • Welcome Emails- Welcome new subscribers and introduce them to your brand.
  • Discount reminder - Remind subscribers of expiring discounts.
  • Abandoned checkout - Recover subscribers who abandoned a purchase.
  • New purchaser - Thank subscribers after their first purchase.
  • Repeat purchaser - Thank subscribers again after their second purchase.
  • Review request - Request subscribers to review products they recently purchased.
  • Lapsed purchaser - Reach out to subscribers who have not purchased in recent months

Pricing is hugely tied to the number of subscribers you have. The free plan is limited to less than 250 subscribers.

12. Reveal

Reveal focuses on business growth and customer value optimization. It helps you answer questions like: Who are your best customers? When and what do they buy? Why do they chose a certain product over another?. It helps you tailor your marketing actions based on customer's buying behavior, while understanding how your services, products, locations, and brands are all connected. The platform adopts the Recency, Frequency and Monetary technique to understand your customers (RFM Analysis) and provide you the best insights about your customers.

Key features include:

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) - This feature analysis your current customer base and their buying behavior to help define your ideal customer profile.
  • RFM Segmentation - This feature helps identify your most important type of customers by grouping them according to scores of their recency, Frequency and Monetary values.
  • Customer Value Optimization - This feature helps you justify your media costs based on how much you invest to acquire that customer.

The best thing is that it's free.

13. Sendcloud

Sendcloud is an all-in-one shipping software that helps you create a streamlined shipping process. Starting from the moment your customers engage with the delivery in your Checkout, all the way to the Returns process, shipping is an integral part of e-commerce, particularly in terms of your interactions with your customers. It is key that you can take control of the process and provide a concrete service otherwise you risk losing customers.

Sendcloud will not only help you as a business by saving you time, resources, and money on your shipping, but its features provide you with a full customer-centric service that will help to increase customer retention and excel in your business growth. With their plug ’n’ play software, you can start by connecting your store with multiple carriers, and offering your customers a variety of shipping options to empower them to purchase by giving them the services they want. Next, automate your order processing, increasing efficiency for speedy dispatch of products and save your business time and resources. Engage with customers through the shipping process by creating customized, branded tracking communications. Tracking emails hold some of the highest open rates for emails, so don’t lose out on the chance to engage with your customers even more. Add in social posts or further promotions to connect with your customers and strengthen their experience of your brand. And finally, create a smooth returns process for both you and the customer with our returns portal. Allowing customers to easily take control and initiate the returns process, this not only frees your customer service’s time but also encourages shoppers to come back to your store when they’re impressed by the ease of the service.

You can start using Sendcloud’s software for free. Their free plan offers you the chance to start the process for optimizing your shipping process, with its Small Shop plan starting at €49, its large shop plan priced at €99, and further custom business plans available.

Key Takeaways

Optimizing your dropshipping business with these smart Shopify apps, will not only help grow your business but also ensure an increase in customer trust and loyalty. Make sure to check them out.

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