New Integration Available: Zendesk x Cartloop

We've been busy this quarter! Welcome the Zendesk integration that brings all your customer support interactions into a single place where your shoppers will now have a direct channel to talk with your brand and get instant assistance: the Cartloop SMS conversation.

Zendesk empowers brands and their Support teams to efficiently track, prioritize and solve customer support tickets without missing a beat.

Cartloop enables an instant and two-way communication channel between shoppers and their favorite brands to forge stronger relationships with their customers and skyrocket revenue.

How does Zendesk x Cartloop Integration work?

When our Experts are unable to handle an inquiry (such as refund requests), the conversation will be sent to Zendesk so your Customer Support team can temporarily take over, instead of having your customers contact via other channels.

The benefit for your shoppers is that they will not notice the seamless transition between Cartloop and your Customer Support team, so they always have a single point of interaction: the Cartloop SMS conversation.

The benefits of the Zendesk integration

Let's look at two examples, to see the how it can help you.

Without Zendesk integration

  1. A customer asks Cartloop Expert for a refund.
  2. Cartloop Expert doesn't have the ability to issue refunds, so they tell the customer to reach out to for a refund.
  3. The customer sends an email and goes through the whole process of explaining his issue to your Customer Support team again.

With Zendesk integration

  1. A customer asks Cartloop Expert for a refund.
  2. Cartloop Expert doesn't have the ability to issue refunds, so they send the conversation to Zendesk.
  3. A new ticket is created in Zendesk showing the entire conversation that took place between the customer and the Cartloop Expert.
  4. Your Customer Support team takes over the same SMS conversation and issue a refund from Zendesk.
  5. The customer is happy because everything happened in a single SMS conversation, instead of going through other channels. ✨

For more information about our integration with Zendesk, request a free demo today or try it out for yourselves today in Cartloop's unlimited 14-day trial.

Looking for another solution to save your team and yourself from drowning in customer support tickets? The Gorgias x Cartloop integration is now available as another solution to integrate seamless conversations that will delight and connect with your customer in a more personal way.

Co-founder at Cartloop. Med School graduate turned to tech. 7 years of eCommerce experience. When she's not working on growing Cartloop, you'll probably find Lisa working out or preparing an avocado toast for a late brunch.

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