Top 5 Cart Abandonment Solutions for Shopify

Global cart abandonment rates are around 90%. Although a significant issue for eCommerce stores, it is also an opportunity to generate more sales and bring back many of the shoppers who've abandoned their carts.

Once a visitor leaves items behind, it doesn't necessarily mean your sale is lost - a gentle reminder can direct those shoppers straight back to their carts. This is a crucial part of the Sales funnel - with large marketing budgets spent on driving website traffic, when a prospect leaves the site, eCommerce stores must repeat the process and spend those marketing resources all over again.

Wouldn't it be better if your conversion rates were higher in the first place? 

1. Exit Intent Popup by OptiMonk

One of the easiest ways to reduce cart abandonment is to simply notify leaving visitors of their cart. OptiMonk detects potential buyers who are about to leave your eCommerce site without making a purchase and shows them a secondary offer to prevent cart abandonment. You can also encourage them by going a step further and offering them a coupon. That coupon is then automatically added to their abandoned cart and giving them another reason to head back to their purchase.


  • A/B testing
  • Cart rules
  • Branded links
  • Promote special offers
  • Feedback collector
  • Increase cart value
  • Facilitate social sharing
  • Types of messages: popups, fullscreen, sidemessage,nanobar, lucky wheel, scratchcard, pick a gift popup
  • Various triggering options
  • Template library
  • Drag & Drop editor
  • Visitor targeting option
  • Auto coupon redeem
  • Smart Display
  • Integrates with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Recart


Free plan available, starts at $29/month

2. Conversational SMS Marketing by Cartloop

The world of eCommerce is changing and customers are getting more and more used to conversational interactions with brands. This, however, comes with at least one challenge: immediacy is vital. According to research from, 64% of consumers and 80% of business buyers said they expect companies to respond to and interact with them in real time.

But meeting these expectations can prove challenging – any real-time interaction with a potential customer requires a detailed overview of each customers, so that when a conversation is initiated, there is enough understanding for a detailed response.

This is exactly what Cartloop app does – we can say it gives you an almost unfair advantage in the market.  By taking the conversation from your website to your shoppers’ phones, you can bridge the gap between a seamless web experience and customer support, improve brand trust and build real relationships with your shoppers.

Cartloop converts your abandoned carts through text message conversations powered by real people. Not automated replies, not bots – real life Cart Recovery Experts. And you just can’t beat that.


  • Personal Shopping Assistance
  • Performance insights: track revenue, orders, conversions and main churn reasons
  • 24/7 Cartloop Recovery Experts  
  • 24/7 Support via in-app chat or email
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Unlimited Cart Recovery
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Available for shoppers in the US, Canada, UK and Australia
  • White glove service. Cartloop Cart Recovery Experts do the heavy lifting
  • 360° Customer Profiles.
  • Shopify Plus ready
  • TCPA and GDPR Compliant
  • Zero-Risk Payment Plans: pay when you earn
  • Integrates with SMS, Slack, Zipify OCU, Zipify


The model is based on a pay for performance model, which is, basically, risk-free. Cartloop is only successful if your store is successful. Also, all plans come with a 14-day free trial where you get unlimited texts.

3. Facebook Messenger Marketing by Recart

Recart offers a cart abandonment recovery solution by moving away from cart abandonment emails that never get open or, worse, end up in your Spam folder. Through this Shopify app, you can engage with your customers on a platform they actively use, at their convenience: Facebook Messenger. In order to comply with Data Regulations, you do need permission to message customers on Facebook. But, unlike email, this app creates a non-intrusive experience that doesn’t require typing in your email or phone number; all your shoppers need to do is one click away.


  • Abandoned Cart Reminders
  • Product Review Requests - Loox
  • Order Receipts
  • Shipping Notifications
  • WelcomeMessages
  • Integrates with Wheelio,Optimonk, Privy, Justuno, Facebook Messenger, woohoo, Loox


$29/month. 28-day free trial. Monthly fee scales with the extra sales generated by Recart

4. Facebook & GoogleEasy Ads by ROI Hunter

This app helps set up your ad campaigns to encourage past website visitors to get back to your website through ad retargeting on Google or Facebook. While you create your ad, the app takes care of the pixel setup and catalog matching.


  • Integrates with: Google AdWords, Facebook, Google Merchant Center, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook Ads Manager
  • Ad development & design
  • Pixel setup
  • Audience segmentation
  • Customer support for Ad setup


Starts at $9/month. Free plan available.

5. Web Push Notification by PushOwl

This app sends web push notifications directly via the browser, while you customize the notification they see – whether through offering a discount code or timing it in such a way that it takes into account the delivery time.


  • Segmentation Builder / Subscriber segments
  • Custom Reporting
  • Optimized delivery times (behavioral)
  • Flash sales (expiry time)
  • Subscriber data sync
  • Personalized notification push
  • Integrates with: Review Push - Loox,, Judgeme. Fera - Social Proof & Timers, Wishlist - Growave (formerly SocialShopWave), Now Back In Stock, Appikon Restock Alerts


Starts at $19/month. Free plan available.

Key Takeaways

Make use of the free trials and find out what works best for your Shopify store. One of the key Shopify benefits is that no two stores are alike: you can customize each step of your Sales funnel by using a combination of Add-Ons and Apps - you just need to find which ones work for you.

You can also read our thoughts on who wins the battle between email marketing and conversational SMS. And, check out our tips on reducing payment issues in your eCommerce store.

Curious about what insights you could gain? Sign-up for a 14-days free trial at Cartloop and start connecting with your customers like never before. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more helpful guides, tutorials, and resource lists.

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