Top eCommerce Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

Podcasts aren't anything new, but they are now taking over our spare time more and more. In the past three years, monthly podcast listeners increased by 54%. In the USA alone, 37% of the population listens to podcasts consistently, every month;

While we used to listen to an eCommerce podcast during our commute, the interest in them during other times of the day has increased significantly in the past few years. More so, eCommerce podcasting can be done from anywhere - all you need is a microphone and a recording device and you're all set. Topics range from anything related to eCommerce. Feel like listening to someone talking about their dropshipping experience? There's a podcast for that. Want to know how to start your Indiegogo campaign? You guessed it - there's a podcast episode about that. Love to hear success stories from eCommerce founders? Someone out there is ready to answer "How did I do it?".

Whether you're an experienced online store owner or just starting up in the space, there is something out there for you. These are our favourite podcasts for 2021 so far.

1. The Growth Theory

This is a must-listen for up and coming entrepreneurs building their own eCommerce store, or members of the growth team at an eCommerce company. Cartloop Founder Andrei Negrau interviews top eCommerce entrepreneurs and operators about how they managed to build and maintain successful eCommerce operations. You'll learn insights, strategies and the real stories behind some of the fastest-growing brands in the space.

One of the great things about The Growth Theory is it doesn't just bring you knowledge, but they host and guests do a good job in packing it into digestible, funny bits. Some of the most interesting talks on the Growth covered detailed insights like how to grow your company to an 8-figure business, pre-launch marketing tactics or even retaining talent and fostering a supportive environment for the team.

2. eCommerce Fuel

Learn from the eCommerce entrepreneurs how to turn your 'make money online' attempt into a profitable, thriving online store. Host Andrew Youderian, an eCommerce giant running several million-dollar online businesses, is on an equal foot with other masterminds in the industry when it comes to experience and growth tactics.  He offers listeners scalable eCommerce tips from selected industry, from research and launch to growth marketing.

Emerging entrepreneurs would do well to listen in. The host is quite selective about the eligibility of guests and who can join his community, thus only industry giants with a proven success record get to take part.

3. Shopify Masters

Hosted by Felix Thea, Shopify Masters is a podcast targeting Shopify store owners. He sits down with local, seasoned founders to dig deeper into their business and share some of the lessons they learned along the way.

A must-listen for Shopify-focused  store owners, the podcast offers tools and techniques to help them manage their online store. Officially supported by Shopify, the podcast brings together successful entrepreneurs and experts that get a change to share some of their experience and inspiring stories.

Each week, the podcast covers a specific topic like running successful Facebook ads, best practices for outsourcing your business, social media marketing, content marketing and more.

4. Lucas Walker's Rolled U‪p‬

Lucas Walker's Podcast is a limited series with the spotlight on 10 founders across a variety of industries who all share one thing in common: resilience. Listen to incredible insights and best practices from guests like Harry Houdini, Kristen LaFrance or Eric Bandhol‪z. Moreover, you get to learn why burritos are the perfect business model and one of the tastiest foods out there.

Lucas also launched a brand new series called Pitstop, where, for no more than 18 minutes, he dives deeper into different topics, common themes, and everything you need to be a high performance Shopify, BigCommerce, Magneto, eCommerce store.

5. Resilient Retail

Resilient Retail is a podcast hosted by Kristen LaFrance and started in 2020 by Shopify. From real stories of struggle and breakthrough to the insights your retail business needs right now, throughout these episodes you'll find inspiration, take action, and make your business future-proof. Stay up to date with the latest eCommerce trends, omnichannel strategies, the power of personalization and much more from guests such as Harley Finkelstein, Holly Cann, or Kat Cole.

6. DTC Podcast

DTC podcast shares weekly discussions between direct to consumer brands that disrupt the eCommerce space. Topics like marketing, shoppers' journey, funnels and everything relating to scaling your business profitably are covered by the team at Pilothouse and their guests.

This is a must listen for owners in the space looking for step by step tactical insights related to DTC best practices. From known industry names to local entrepreneurs, they tackle hypergrowth strategies and more.

7. The eCommerce Insights Show

The eCommerce Insights Show is a private podcast created by The Good, that covers both the "why" and the "how" of eCommerce marketing. Each week, they share actionable advice from their experience improving conversion rates for household brands like Adobe, Xerox, and The Economist. Join the Ecommerce Insiders list for access to insights and best practices from guests such as Kurt Elster, Jordan Gal or Kristen LaFrance.

8. My Wife Quit Her Job

Voted as one of the top 10 eCommerce podcasts for 2020, this is one of the top resources for anyone thinking about moving from a typical 9-to-5 job into dropshipping or online DTC store.  Run by Steve Chou, who left his traditional jobs to start two 7-figure online businesses, his goals is to provide other emerging store owners guidance and practical advice to successfully help them get started.

Episodes follow an interview-style discussion, where store owners get asked the hard questions, while uncovering exact, practical strategies that led to their success. As a fellow online store owner, Steve is able to have a transparent and honest discussion with his guests, dig deep and focus on every last detail.

9. Honest eCommerce

Shopify expert Chase Clymer give listeners honest, actionable advice in order to help them grow their online store. The topics they cover are diverse, ranging from marketing mistakes to avoid to marketing best practices followed by top eCommerce stores around the globe.

Some of the most insightful episodes cover topics like running social media ads profitably, the impact of new media on your online sales, busting SEO myths,, blogging and more!

10. eCommerce Influence

This podcast is rich in newsworthy content - they cover the eCommerce industry as a whole and emerging online strategies. Host Austin Brawner covers everything from detailed optimization tools to head-turning topics, aiming to help both niche business owners and large online stores.

Austin helps eCommerce owners get a pulse of the latest in the industry and receive access to informative, relevant resources that help them grow and scale their business.

Over the past few years, Austin has helped almost 300 established store owners, marketers, and freelancers unlock growth potential in their online store, and he is now sharing part of his knowledge in an honest and transparent way to listeners across the globe.

11. Start Yours

Start Yours is a podcast by Oberlo, all about eCommerce, dropshipping, and all things launching a business. The hosts meet entrepreneurs who have gone through the ups and downs, triumphs and headaches of running an online store, and teach the listeners about how they managed to survive and thrive.

12. Nerd Marketing

The name  of this podcast speaks for itself. It's all about detailed insights into building your eCommerce business from scratch, and growth tactics to scale it further.

In short: clear, actionable, data driven strategies to grow your eCommerce business. But it isn't all about marketing - host Drew Sanocki founded his first company, Design Public, soon after receiving his MBA from Stanford, and grew it into one of the premier online design retailers. Having operated profitably for eight years, Drew sold the business to private investors in 2011 and went on to help other eCommerce owners operate successfully in the space.

Drew answers questions like: 'how do you increase your average order value?' Or how do you recover abandoned carts?

13. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income hosted by Pat Fynn is all about turning your side hustle into a full-time income. A successful blogger, Pat gives listeners insightful conversations with online business pros and other industry experts, that keep listeners up to date on current market trends.

The interview-style talks are an all-rounder overview discussing the entirety of the eCommerce space in order to help entrepreneurs get their feet right in the industry from the start.

Now, I'm curious. What podcast did we miss? Which one is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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