$7.6K in 7-Days with Human-Powered SMS Marketing

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Beauty brand based in California with a network of distribution centers across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Why they started

The beauty brand wanted to increase the amount of revenue through its overall remarketing channels. 

Founder: A quick Google search can show all the extra revenue and profits you're missing out on if you're not using SMS marketing.

Why Cartloop

They chose Cartloop as their SMS Marketing solution because of the fully managed service, deep personalization, and to figure out kinks in their business from customers’ feedback. 

Founder: Because it's an actual human interacting with the customer, it can increase conversion rate and solve pain points.

How they started 

  • 1-Click Shopify integration
  • No time required on the brand’s side
  • 727 conversations 
  • 66 carts recovered

Performance (7-day Trial)

  • $7,687.06 Cartloop generated sales
  • $116.47 Average cart value
  • 44% Reply rate
  • 8.80% Conversion rate
  • 2192 Active Subscribers
  • 5 Unsubscribed


  • 10x+ ROI
  • Sales within 24 hours of installing Cartloop
  • Increased shoppers trust
  • No additional effort
  • Decrease in customer support tickets by 15%

Customer Insights 

During these 7 days, we gathered insights on the main reasons causing cart abandonment and provided actionable tips on adjusting the buying experience accordingly. Here’s what we’ve found out:

  • Declined credit cards  - The brand's team was noticed on the issue and was able to improve their current payment provider.
  • More payment methods requested - Adding multiple payment methods like Paypal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay will attract and retain more customers.
  • Technical issues with the website - Cartloop’s Experts were able to navigate through technical questions and challenges shoppers have been experiencing during their buying journey in real-time, while the brand's team made improvements in the back-end.

Key takeaways

  • Make it easy for customers to reach you at any time via text 
  • Make customers feel safe and confident about their order by providing multiple payment methods at checkout
  • Help shoppers navigate through technical questions and challenges they might be experiencing in real-time
  • 2-Way communication assures consistent results over a longer period of time

Lisa Popovici

Co-founder at Cartloop. Med School graduate turned to tech. When she's not working on growing Cartloop, you'll probably find Lisa working out or preparing an avocado toast for a late brunch.

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