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How a Shopify Snack Brand Uses SMS to Elevate Personalized Experiences for Their Subscribers



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Learn how a US brand with a pension for healthy childhood snacks is generating a constant stream of revenue with conversational text messaging and keeps their customers happy and healthy.

About Our Client

Our client is an American brand that prides itself on reinventing healthier versions of their beloved childhood snacks. They offer cereals and cheese puffs that are gluten- and sugar-free.  It's like the comfort food of your childhood, but healthier.

For the founders, the yearning for healthier alternatives to the sugary treats they loved as a kid prompted them to start their store. So they found a way to reinvent timeless favorites like cereals into guilt-free treats. Their cereals and cheese puffs use high-quality protein ingredients and monk fruit as an ingenious substitute for sugar.

They sold over 3 million bags of their low-carb, keto cereal in 2020.  They now ship to hundreds of thousands of amazing customers across the US.

The founders wanted to find a way to deliver a great customer experience to the people who love to snack responsibly, just like them! And they knew that to do this, they had to have a conversational approach.


Our client offers 2 main products— low-carb, keto-friendly cereals, and cheese puffs.

With up to 4 flavors and 4 bundles for their thousands of customers to choose from, that's a lot of choices for one customer to make.

They wanted to find a way to:

  • Understand their shoppers at scale
  • Understand the real reasons behind why many of them were placing products in their carts and abandoning them
  • Provide instant answers to their customer's questions on their products beyond an FAQ
  • Help their customers make healthy choices and the best purchasing decisions
  • Educate them on the science behind their products

They needed a conversational SMS marketing platform that would specialize in recovering those "annoying" abandoned carts for them. One that would help them in humanizing their entire customer's lifecycle.


To provide real-time, end-to-end communication and an SMS platform that can do just that. They needed a solution to combine sales and support all in one communication.

Why Cartloop

The founders felt that they needed to offer their customers a tailored unique customer experience. Cartloop stood out to them with its human approach in SMS marketing.

By offering their customers instant support on their inquiries, connecting over SMS changed from invasive to personal.


  • 26.96X ROI
  • $136,739 generated revenue
  • 29% Conversion Rate
  • 50,803 Active Subscribers


  • 26.96X ROI
  • Little to no additional effort required for their team
  • They gained actionable abandonment insights from their customers
  • Sales within 24 hours of installing Cartloop
  • Increased shoppers trust in the product
  • A reduced number of hesitant first-time customers that were having product-related questions
  • A decrease in customer support tickets by 18%

Need help to get your SMS marketing game off the ground? Cartloop's conversational SMS marketing platform for Shopify stores might be of help. Reach out to us by requesting a free demo, or try out our 14-day free unlimited trial!

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