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How These DTC Brands are Seeing 30X ROI from Sending Cartloop's Two-Way Campaigns



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Discover how these DTC brands across very different industry niches double down on their sales campaigns by sending targeted, personalized text messaging with human-powered two-way SMS campaigns.

About Our Clients

LEVO Oil, The Essence Vault, and an Australian Skincare Brand may be from very different industry niches, but they had one similar goal in mind.

They set out to build better relationships with their customers and drive extra revenue on their sales campaigns without their team spending additional hours each week.

LEVO's patented technology is designed exclusively for infusing botanical oils into oil and butter. Founder and CEO Chrissy Bellman is passionate about discovering natural paths to wellness. And she believes this begins in your home and kitchen. LEVO's oil infusers extract the full nutritional, medicinal, and therapeutic benefits of a whole plant and infuse it into anything— from marinades to your lip balm.  

Today, the LEVO team is based in Denver, Colorado but can be found in over 800 retail locations.

The Essence Vault's mission is to make designer perfumes accessible for everyone. By specializing in "the longest-lasting designer dupes" you'll ever try, it's no wonder their site has 1,549 reviews from their happy returning customers. What's amazing about them is that all their fragrance sprays are full-strength (Eau de Perfume), vegan friendly, and cruelty-free. And to top it off, they're using fragrance oils that are tested and certified safe for use by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) to formulate their scents.

As ambitious as their mission sounds, The Essence Vault sent the most two-way campaigns out of all our clients. In March 2021 alone, they sent three!

An Australian Skincare brand is on a mission to help its customers achieve a great skin day every day. They aim to deliver "the best skincare on the planet".  Their philosophy is: it has to work, simple is always better, and care for the customer, care for the planet. Their products are targeted to dry or oily skin types and are 100% natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

And with Cartloop's Two-Way SMS Campaigns, we managed to help them achieve up to 30x in ROI.


Australian Skincare Brand

  • 30x ROI
  • $173.9K Revenue

The results were generated from a single restock campaign sent to an audience of 10K subscribers.

The Essence Vault

  • 14.5x ROI
  • $21.8K Revenue

The results were generated from a single Buy One Get One Free campaign sent to an audience of 43.7K subscribers.


  • 25.27x ROI
  • $11.4K Revenue

The results were generated from a personalized, two-way campaign sent to an audience of 6.4K subscribers.

Benefits of Two-Way Campaigns

One-way campaigns are a missed opportunity to convert shoppers into brand enthusiasts. Two-way campaigns enable you to engage and convert customers the right way.

This means

  • 2x higher conversion rates vs one-way campaigns.
  • The human touch builds rapport and trust.
  • No missed opportunities. Our internal Expert team provides instant answers when a shopper replies.
  • A single conversation. We route two-way messages through dedicated, local phone numbers.
  • Less customer support headaches and costs for your team.

Overall, Two-Way Campaigns allow you to add a new revenue channel without your team spending additional hours on making sure to:

  • Always deliver to the right audience
  • Go beyond stilted text blasts
  • Have a consistent number for your customers to text at anytime
  • Unlock the lifetime value of your customers by keeping them happy


This year, it's about how you can go from invasive to personal when interacting with your customers. Two-way campaigns offer your brand just that. Talk and engage with your shoppers with 1:1 conversations and keep the conversation alive with zero maintenance and support costs from your side.

Our merchants trust us to convert more subscribers into lifetime customers by adding a human tone to their messages. Stay tuned to see more success from our merchants.

Or if you want to see what 30x in ROI looks like for your store? Discover how to grow faster with Two-way SMS campaigns by requesting a free demo, or try it out here—your first 2 weeks are on us!

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