How This Australian Skincare Brand Uses Mobile Messaging To Provide Real-Time Recommendations and Drive 30x ROI

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Cartloop started working a couple of months ago with a cruelty-free Australian skincare brand that offers products made from quality ingredients matched to the needs of their customers. They source their ingredients from farmers and local suppliers in Australia with whom they research, identify & understand the native flora & botanicals available in order to nourish, nurture & support the skin.

Why they started 

Being in the very competitive skincare industry, the brand wanted to make sure their customers receive the best support throughout their entire shopping journey, including educating their customers on the benefits of their product. 

The brand is working with Blazer, a digital marketing agency based in Vilnius and one of Cartloop partners. The team at Blazer knew from the very start text marketing is a high growth channel, saw the attention and care end customers receive by brands using Cartloop so they implemented it after a full optimization of their site. You can find more about Blazer Agency here.


Why Cartloop

They choose Cartloop due to their human approach and fully-managed service. As a skincare brand, they are aware of how important real-time interaction with their shoppers is - being there at the right time, on the right channel, providing help and assistance.

Performance (30-days)

  • 30x ROI
  • $20.624 Cartloop generated sales
  • $169 Average cart value
  • 40% Reply rate
  • 31% Conversion rate
  • 2491 Active Subscribers
  • 3 Unsubscribed 

*These metrics are based on their Australian site. The brand uses Cartloop for both Australia and the United States.

Customer Insights 

During the past month, we gathered insights on the main reasons causing cart abandonment for the brand and provided actionable tips to their team on what parts of the business would need more attention. Here’s what we’ve found out:

  • Shipping cost is too high - People are willing to pay more for a product if they have free shipping and returns. The brand’s team realized how impactful this aspect is to their customers after seeing feedback related to the shipping costs popping in various text message conversations at Cartloop, so they decided to offer free express shipping on orders over $160, which customers love. 


  • Price is too high - Having premium products means having higher margins sometimes. Through educational content and real-time communication via text message, the brand is able to show the high quality and value their products are known for. However, they are occasionally having sales and promos on their website that make a big difference for recurring customers. 


  • Customers have product-related questions - People have different skin types, various preferences and routines. That’s why when they hop on the brand’s site, they want to find the perfect product. Questions like “Will it fix my dark pigmentation?” or “Which is the most suitable product for dry skin and congested skin?” need professional, careful and instant replies. This is where Cartloop Experts come in handy. 



  • 30x ROI
  • No additional effort required for their team
  • Sales within 48 hours of installing Cartloop
  • Increased shoppers trust in the product
  • A reduced number of hesitant customers that were facing issues with product recommendations 
  • A decrease in customer support tickets by 17%
  • The brand has gained an advantage over their Australian competitors, being one of the first brands adopting conversational mobile messaging

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Lisa Popovici

Co-founder at Cartloop. Med School graduate turned to tech. When she's not working on growing Cartloop, you'll probably find Lisa working out or preparing an avocado toast for a late brunch.

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