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How Easy Sleeper Reached 30% in Conversion Rate Without Relying on Discount Codes

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In this success story, we are showcasing the results Easy Sleeper had over a period of 30 days. The results are fantastic, considering they have not been offering discount codes, but haven been focusing on driving growth in a sustainable way.

About Easy Sleeper

Easy Sleeper is on a mission to improve lives by revolutionizing how we sleep. With a revolutionary pillow and other sleep-related products, Easy Sleeper has seen great success making it easier for people to sleep.

Easy Sleeper has been working with Will Laurenson, Customer Experience Optimisation specialist and an industry expert.

I joined Easy Sleeper as a consultant to help them optimize the buying experience through conversion optimization and marketing automation. - Will Laurenson

Why did Easy Sleeper start SMS marketing?

As they grew, the Easy Sleeper team realized SMS marketing would be a great way to interact with their customers and to build a community that most D2C brands often neglect building. As quite a low-frequency purchase, it was essential they got as many people through the door as possible.

I've always enjoyed using SMS as a marketer, there's so much opportunity to enhance the customer experience, and so few brands are using it. It's got pretty much a 100% open rate, so if you get the message right it's so powerful for conversion. - Will Laurenson


  • 16.5x ROI
  • 29.5% Conversion Rate
  • 6,134 New Subscribers
  • 37% Engagement Rate

The Cartloop Strategy

Let’s be honest: discounts work, but over-relying on them hurts your business in the long run. From day one of working with Easy Sleeper, they knew that relying on discounts wouldn’t be the best way to build fulfilling customer relationships.

Unlike most brands that attempt to increase conversions by offering a discount code in the first SMS, we took a different approach focused on building new relationships.

Our approach with Easy Sleeper customers is focused on human interaction and support. There are 3 main steps to our process:

  1. Address the concern/question
  2. Use Selling Points
  3. Provide a discount code

Let’s look at how we interact with customers in detail.

1. Address the concern/question

Here we offer assistance, making sure everything is covered quickly and correctly

2. Use Product-Related Selling Points

3. Use Brand-Related Selling Points

100 Days return period

Product reviews


Works amazing when shoppers have certain complaints. (ex: shipping)

4. Provide a 10% off discount code

What are the top benefits Easy Sleeper gets with Cartloop?

Obviously the first is sales, Cartloop has a fantastic conversion rate, even after we pushed the discount right to the back of the flow. By really pushing the benefits of the pillow, and highlighting some key information such as free delivery & returns customers were convinced to give it a go. Second, would be the insights and finding out why customers were abandoning the purchase in the first place. The vast majority of customers said that the shipping cost was too high, and instead of panicking about shipping and lowering the threshold or whatever, we decided to push bundles via the SMS experience and highlight the saving they get on them. This worked really well at pushing up AOV as well as helping with conversion. - Will Laurenson


With our approach focused on building relationships with Easy Sleeper's customer base, the results have been outstanding. We noticed the discount code messages have a higher engagement rate, but the ROI difference between the discount and support approaches is minimal.

So what does this mean? It means that Easy Sleeper gets a great ROI by focusing on improving the customer experience with personalized messages and campaigns. So instead of reducing their margins with discount codes, they can be profitable by focusing on supporting their customers. This allows them to strategically use discounts later in the customer journey and improves their profit margin.


  • The discount code approach has a higher engagement rate
  • The ROI difference between the discount approach and support approach is not so different
  • While the discount approach has higher ROI, the support approach is more fulfilling for clients
  • Campaigns are seeing higher ROI with the support approach as shoppers are not used to getting discount codes
  • Powerful products are selling themselves. Sometimes they just need a push

Why install Cartloop on your Shopify store?

Installing a conversational SMS marketing tool that helps you build long-term relationships will not only drive you higher ROI but offers shoppers a way to connect with you easily. Choosing the right solution for your needs is critical, as not all SMS marketing apps offer the same features and performance. There's a thin line between annoying your customers and actually delighting them.

Brands will continue to focus on marketing tools that enhance CX and create hyper-personalized experiences, and below are the reasons why Cartloop is your best choice.

  • Access to SMS experts that work for you, 24/7
  • Convert 3x more customers with two-way texts than automated ones
  • Instill a sense of legitimacy & familiarity by using dedicated local phone numbers
  • SMS Concierge to fully manage your SMS, triage customer support, and build one-to-one relationships with subscribers
  • Access to our proprietary onboarding and support that sets you up for success starting at Meeting #1
  • Only pay for messages that convert
  • You save money, and we'll encourage best practices. It's a win-win.

Need help building, scaling and owning a reliable revenue channel? Book a demo with us, or try out our 14-day free unlimited trial!

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