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Why LiveRecover Alternatives Exist

LiveRecover is a conversational SMS marketing app that helps eCommerce brands recover 21% of their abandoned carts. Powered by real people, LiveRecover contacts, engages, and converts your abandoned carts into sales for you.

After abandoning their checkouts, shoppers will receive a text message from LiveRecover’s agents who then are answering their questions in real-time in order to convert the abandoned carts into sales. That works great for more brands and stores available in the US and Canada only.

However, LiveRecover lacks critical features needed to operate as your SMS platform of choice. International coverage is one of them.

So if you’re selling outside the US and Canada, you’re going to have to rely on a separate app to reach your entire audience via text message. However, there are platforms like Cartloop that have international coverage and serve for various SMS marketing use cases.

Note: Rather see for yourself than read a comparison? Sign up and trial our risk-free plan — we send unlimited texts for free for 14 days.

LiveRecover isn’t a complete SMS marketing platform

LiveRecover focuses on eCommerce businesses that only want to recover their abandoned carts. If you need it to cover multiple touchpoints in the customer's shopping journey, LiveRecover won’t be the best choice. Need to send a Black Friday campaign to your VIP customers? You can’t do that with LiveRecover. LiveRecover also lacks features like 2-way campaigns, popups, or product analytics.

LiveRecover doesn’t support countries outside US and Canada

A text message conversation with your customer can easily solve 90% of the issues. More and more customers want to text their favorite brands for support instead of relying on email tickets and phone calls. LiveRecover has no SMS coverage for countries outside US and Canada, and you can only leverage your entire audience by adding a second app to your SMS stack, thus adding more costs for your business and resulting in subpar customer experiences.

You’ll want to be able to see all communications you’ve had with a customer. Using 2 different SMS marketing apps means you might never see the full picture and they could interfere with one another.

LiveRecover comes with a $500 limit during free trial

As a conversational SMS marketing solution, it’s no wonder LiveRecover would have a limited free trial. From a single abandoned cart, there are dozens of texts that can be exchanged if the shopper has questions, issues or requests. So if you really want to understand the benefits of conversational SMS and see if this choice gives you the best bang for your buck, LiveRecover limited free trial won’t cut it.

Read how this beauty brand generated $7.6K in the first 7-days of installing Cartloop.

LiveRecover doesn’t offer 24/7 availability

If your customers abandon their carts during the quiet hours or while on a different timezone, LiveRecover will not be recovering those carts.

LiveRecover doesn’t have 2-way campaigns

Unless you’re using 2 different tools for SMS marketing, you won’t be able to send campaigns with LiveRecover. Not to mention 2-Way Campaigns, where shoppers are able to reply to your campaign texts and start a 1:1 real-time conversation.

If you still want to use LiveRecover but also send campaigns, you need to install a second tool. With Cartloop, however, you get 2-Way Campaigns included in the platform. This way, you can easily stay on top of your SMS campaigns, without leaving the tool you already use for communicating with shoppers and customers on an end-to-end basis.

Check out how these DTC brands are seeing 30X ROI from sending Cartloop's two-way campaigns.

LiveRecover doesn’t have post-purchase assistance

If your customers have shipping or product-related questions after they complete their orders, LiveRecover won’t be able to assist them. The only way to handle those support tickets is if you’re using a third-party app such as live chat, email or Facebook messenger.

With Cartloop, we offer pre and post-purchase assistance on technical issues, shipping or delivery information, product-related questions, up-sells/cross-sells, personalized recommendations, and much more. These are handled in real-time by Cartloop’s Live Experts.

LiveRecover doesn't use dedicated local 10DLC numbers

LiveRecover uses shared phone numbers to text shoppers from various brands. If you send abandoned texts with LiveRecover, your shoppers will receive the same texts from other brands from the same phone number they received from your brand.

If you're a Cartloop merchant, you don't need to worry. Each brand has dedicated local phone numbers. Your shoppers will receive your texts from a single point of contact. This makes it seamless for them to text that number back anytime for support or assistance. Even save it in their contact list!

LiveRecover cannot collect subscribers outside checkout

LiveRecover collects subscribers only if shoppers reach the checkout point, accept marketing, provide a phone number and proceed to shipping or payment.

With Cartloop, you can capture subscribers not only at checkout, but also while your shoppers are browsing your site by enabling a beautiful and fully-compliant popup.

Why Cartloop is the best LiveRecover alternative

The limitations of LiveRecover listed above explain why LiveRecover isn’t a viable option as a conversational SMS marketing platform. That’s where Cartloop comes in. Cartloop is the conversational SMS marketing tool designed for fast-growing eCommerce brands. Small to medium eCommerce businesses and growing brands use Cartloop to manage their 1:1 customer interactions via SMS. With Cartloop, you can easily focus on your business while we text with your shoppers and help them with support, questions or discounts.

Cartloop vs LiveRecover Pricing

The all important question: How much do these tools cost? We explain each platform’s pricing model and share the plans they offer.

Cartloop Pricing

At Cartloop, our pricing model is pretty simple.

Here are our plans:

Startup: $0 per month + 10% of Cartloop generated sales

Growth: $49 per month + 7% of Cartloop generated sales

Pro: $299 per month + 3.5% of Cartloop generated sales

We also offer a 14-day unlimited free trial that’s available on all plans. No limits during the trial. Generate thousands during the trial and you won't pay a dime.

LiveRecover Pricing

LiveRecover’s pricing is similar. They offer 3 types of plans: Growth, Pro and Enterprise. Within those, the main factors that change are the contextual insights and cart segmentation features.

Here are their plans:

Growth: $49 per month + 10% of LiveRecover generated revenue

Pro: $99 per month + 5% of LiveRecover generated revenue

Enterprise: Requires annual commitment

They offer a 14-day free trial but it’s limited to $500 in recovered sales.

What Customers Are Saying

At Cartloop, we have some really happy customers, and we’re sure LiveRecover does, too. We think those customers often tell the story best, so we’ll let them take it from here.

What Cartloop Customers Are Saying

Cartloop are amazing, we actually weren't sure of how good they were until we stopped services, seen a massive drop straight away, so we knew we needed to get things set up again. Andrei and the team are an amazing support, nothing is too much work for them. Getting around 20x ROAs per campaign they send out! - The Essence Vault

Cartloop not only helps us recover a hefty amount of abandoned carts every month, but our shoppers also love speaking with a real person instead of being treated like a number with an automated response. I'm continuously impressed with how the Cartloop team goes the extra mile in their conversations with my shoppers, and actually offer genuine value. If you're a brand looking to take your marketing to the next level, Cartloop is a no-brainer. - Almasi Knives

SMS marketing was new to us so Cartloop's platform + Integration was key to our sucess. Very easy to use even for a novice. - BionicGym

What LiveRecover Customers Are Saying

What makes Cartloop different from other apps?

While checking boxes is great, we are not your typical SMS marketing app.

  1. We’re crafting the experience for our users and want to make sure you and your customers actually enjoy using Cartloop.
  2. We have only 5-star reviews on the Shopify App Store so it’s not just us saying it 😉We’re building new features and implementing your feedback into the product. And this is happening at a fast pace.
  3. We have unbeatable support (94.7% of folks who talk to us give us 5/5 stars) available right on our website and in-app.

Besides, Cartloop has many required features for conversational SMS marketing including:

  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • 24/7 pre and post-purchase support managed by real people
  • Dedicated 10DLC numbers
  • Two-Way Campaigns
  • Popups
  • Abandonment insights
  • Product analytics
  • Dynamic discounts
  • Branded links
  • Integrations with Gorgias, ReCharge, Zipify and CartHook
  • Works in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia (more countries coming soon)
  • Dedicated Slack channel ran by your dedicated success manager
  • 14-days free trial where we send unlimited texts for you

How to switch from LiveRecover to Cartloop in 2 Easy Steps

Switching from LiveRecover to Cartloop is an easy process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Install Cartloop from the Shopify App Store
  2. Fill out this form
  3. That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest.

Once your text subscribers are imported in Cartloop, you can start using Cartloop as your complete conversational SMS marketing tool.

Start your 14-days free trial of Cartloop today!

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Free migration service

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24/7 Support

SMS is a key part of your marketing strategy, that's why the Cartloop team is here to help you — the from setup to strategy, we got you covered.

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Send texts with peace of mind across 15+ countries. Cartloop is TCPA and GDPR compliant.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. Cartloop is completely free to try for full 7 days. If you don't love it, you don't pay for it.

Cartloop also comes with a 5X ROI Guarantee — meaning if we don't generate a Return-On-Investment higher than 5x we'll give your money back. No questions asked.

Can you help me migrate from an existing SMS app?

Absolutely. For a limited time only we offer a free migration service. Get in touch to start migrating from your existing SMS platform.

How long does it take to reply back to customers?

The support team at Cartloop usually replies within 1-2 minutes to customers.

How does the free trial work?

Install the Cartloop app and we'll start recovering abandoned carts for you completely free of charge for the first 7 days.

Uninstall Cartloop within the free trial period and you won't be charged a dime.

Do I have to use my own support team?

No, as Cartloop provides a fully managed service. After the install, you can just come back and check the dashboard. Consider us an extension of your pre-sales team.

What's the average response time when texting customers?

The average reply time is 7 minutes.

Do you offer enterprise plans?

Yes. Please contact us at to create your enterprise plan.

In what countries is Cartloop available?

Cartloop supports Shopify stores located anywhere in the world and covers text messages sent to United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

Want Cartloop in a country that's not on our list? Let us know!

Can't find the right answer?

Our support is ready to help you, please get in touch today and we will help you out.