SMS Marketing for Mother's Day 2021: 6 Best SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas to Drive Sales

You're going to want to capitalize on this $20 billion sales holiday in 2021. Yes, we're talking about Mother's Day, the third-largest retail holiday in the US and it's coming in fast on May 9th.

Mother's Day is a great chance for your Shopify store to get creative, have some fun with your shoppers, and build stronger relationships with your customers. But it also allows you to hit some serious sales numbers.

So why don't you try using text messaging as an additional channel to boost sales? With its low margin for error, there's still time for you to strategize and execute some well-timed SMS campaigns alongside your emails.

Add on a conversational text messaging approach, and you just might coin yourself an SMS marketing expert when you see the results.

So let's take a look at these 6 ideas for Mother's Day SMS marketing campaigns you can try out for yourself this year. It's time to capture more sales this Mother's Day!

Remember, you can even replicate your success of these evergreen SMS sales campaigns by planning ahead for Father's Day happening on the 20th of June, 2021.

6 Mother's Day SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas to Drive Sales

We assure you, receiving a well-crafted text will definitely surprise and delight your shoppers this year— and you won't even have to compete to stand out from a crowded inbox.

The instant advantage of text messaging allows you to establish a direct line of communication with your shoppers to deliver a well-timed nudge, provide instant support and drive urgency on time-sensitive deals. Perfect for the nature of this gifting holiday— and we'll show you how.

Let's jump right into these conversational text campaign ideas you can roll out in time for Mother's Day!

VIP Early Access Campaign

Loyal customers are keepers. But your VIP customers are absolute winners in your books— so it's only apt that you celebrate them and reward them for their continued support!

By definition, your VIPs are a self opt-in, highly excited group of customers who purchase from your store recently and frequently. They're your biggest spenders and your loyal fans.

And the best part is, they want to receive marketing messages and updates from your brand.

The main objective of a VIP early access SMS campaign is to make your VIPs feel special— like they are a part of an exclusive community. Check out our example below:

Swipe Copy for VIP Early Access SMS Campaign

Hi {{ first_name }}, {{ store_name }} VIP Sale starts today!

A beautiful gift for your Mom 💕

Grab yours today using VIP30 to save 30%

Ends Friday at midnight.

Shop here: {{ short_link }}

To celebrate your VIPs this Mother's Day, make sure they get all the items on their wish list before they run out by:

  • Give them early exclusive access a few days before the main sales day or,
  • Give them early access and to a bigger VIP-only discount
  • Highlight VIP-exclusive perks: new launches, high-value bundle sets, free express shipping
  • Make it easy for them to place their orders with instant support on shipping or product information

Using local, dedicated 10DLC numbers to text your shoppers makes it easier for you to respond directly to your shoppers— and them to reach out to you even months after making a purchase.

Here's a quick and actionable tip for you just in time for Mother's Day:

"Quick shipping is a must for repeat business along with open communication, encouraging product reviews, and staying true to your word."

— Devon Sevy, Head Popper & CEO at Sizzlepopcorn.

Read the full insights from 12 DTC Brands that share the top 3 insights on building better customer experiences.

Sales Announcement

Give your Sales Launch email a boost and make sure your customers got the memo first— send a personal text message to your customers.

The aim of your Sales Announcement text campaign is to prime your customers and start building hype towards the sales event.

This is how you can build their anticipation in 160 characters:

Swipe Copy for Sales Announcement SMS Campaign

{{ store_name }}: Mother's Day sale is ON! 💕

This weekend only get 25% on EVERYTHING

Use code MOM25

Ends Sunday at Midnight.

Shop at: {{ short_link }}

Send it a few days before the actual start of the sales or before you launch your Mother's Day Sale email campaign.

You'll see how much revenue lift you'll get on your email sales campaigns and Mother's Day sales numbers if you just took this one extra step to build the anticipation.

Gift Guide Campaign

Mother's Day is a gifting holiday, so you can get creative in how you can personalize your messaging with your shoppers.

That's the beauty of conversational text messaging— you can easily flip the script and have fun with your shoppers in the process.

Send them an engaging and personalized gift guide via a link to a curated sales page, recommend bestselling products, or give personal recommendations over text.

Bonus tip: Make it even more personal by giving recommendations based on which products they've purchased in the past.

Here's an example of sending a gift guide via a curated sales landing page:

Swipe Copy for Gift Guide SMS Campaign

{{ store_name }}: Hi {{ first_name }}, surprise your mom this weekend!

Shop these thoughtful gifts she'll love  💕

Grab them this weekend using MOM25 to save 25%

Ends Sunday at Midnight: {{ short_link }}

Category Promo

If you have bestselling products or product categories in your inventory that have the potential to fly off the shelves (so to speak) this Mother's Day, highlight them using a Category Promo SMS campaign.

One more thing, why should your shoppers buy from you than with anyone else? Dropping a well-timed Category Promo SMS campaign can help beat the choice paralysis that many customers face when 10 other stores have Mother's Day sales at the same time.

Texting your shoppers also adds a quality of social proof to your products because you can use this marketing channel to share real and personal product recommendations with your shoppers.

Let's take this beauty brand example below:

Swipe Copy for Category Promo SMS Campaign

Hi {{ first_ name }}, Emma from {{ store_name }} here 💝

This weekend enjoy 25% off on all of our Time Freeze products

Use code MOM25

Ends Sunday midnight: {{ short_link }}

Want to see how you can drive 30x in ROI by providing real-time recommendations to your shoppers? Read this case study of how this Australian Skincare brand achieved it using SMS Marketing.

BOGOF Campaign

BOGOF or "buy one get one free" Campaigns are simply, high-value SMS campaigns that your customers will love. It's also a great strategy to get some slow-moving products moving.

If it works for your brand to run a "Buy One, Get One Free" sales campaign for Mother's Day— go for it!

Swipe Copy for BOGOF SMS Campaign

Hi {{ first_name }}, Emma from {{ store_name }}{{ store_name }}{{ store_name }} here.

Spoil your mom silly this weekend 💕

Buy One Get One Free.

Offer expires in 48 hours.

Shop at: {{ short_link }}

While there's an almost 100% rate that a well-timed SMS will get your message opened and read by your shoppers, it's up to you to capture their attention in a span of 160 characters.

Important tips:

  • Convey the benefit to your shoppers right at the start of the text
  • Add a sense of urgency by stating the promotion deadline
  • Always include one clear call to action (CTA) so they know what action to take next

Sales Ending Reminders

We could argue that the heaviest lifting marketing message for any sales event is the Sales Announcement.

But when done right, the Sales Ending reminder is the one that can drive the urgency, impact buying decisions and give your shoppers that much-needed push to complete their purchase.

To be effective, your Sales Ending texts should tick all these boxes below:

  • Remind your customers of the sales deadline
  • Drive urgency to grab these deals
  • Communicate product scarcity— it's their last chance to grab their favorites before it's too late

Swipe Copy for Sales Ending SMS Campaign

{{ store_name }}: Mother's Day Sale is here! 💝

Use MOM25 to save 25% before Sunday Midnight

Items sell out FAST during our Mother's Day event

Grab a gift for mom here: {{ short_link }}

Try it out with the instant engagement of text messaging and see how well it incites major FOMO or "fear of missing out" in your shoppers to do some last-minute shopping.

Wrapping Up: Use SMS With Emails This Mother's Day Sales 2021

So now you're ready to rock up this Mother's Day, delight your customers and drive bigger better sales this year with these 6 conversational SMS campaigns.

Let's recap:

  1. Celebrate your VIPs by giving them early access to bigger, better discounts
  2. Give a Sales Announcement a day or two before the sale starts
  3. Give them a holiday-themed gift guide
  4. Highlight a category promotion
  5. Buy one get one free campaigns
  6. Prompt them again right before the sale ends with a Sales Ending Reminder

Feel free to try out the swipe copies for yourselves and even use them for Father's Day! Before we leave you to it, here are 4 actionable tips to nail each SMS and drive a successful SMS marketing strategy this Mother's Day 2021:

  1. Make it convenient for your shoppers to do last-minute gift buying
  2. Timing matters— don't send out your SMS campaigns when your emails go out
  3. Take a conversational approach when texting your customers to build better relationships
  4. Persuade their buying decisions by creating a sense of urgency, reminding them of the sales deadline, and conveying product scarcity to incite FOMO.

SMS campaigns are a great addition to your marketing arsenal to stay engaged with shoppers throughout their customer lifecycle. Check out these evergreen 8 text message templates for conversational SMS campaigns.

Don't miss out on having 1:1 conversations with your shoppers and drive more sales each eCommerce sales holiday in 2021.

Book a demo with us to see how Cartloop's conversational SMS marketing platform works, or try out our unlimited, free 14-day trial.

Jun-Li is a content person at Cartloop. When she's not writing a blog article, you can find her collecting a new hobby or doing yoga.

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