Learn how Blazer, a Shopify Plus Agency, generated $37k in 2 days using SMS with Cartloop

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About Blazer

Blazer is a Growth Media Agency for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and they specialize in Shopify Plus stores.

Trusted by big names such as GoodieCo, Belle Bar Organic, and Dr. Louis Crowe, what makes them different isn't just their track record and client base. Their pricing model is pretty neat.

As Pay Per Profit eCommerce Growth Partners, they don't charge their clients a fixed monthly fee. This means giving the power over to their clients for an ROI-orientated and risk-free channel to grow their store.

They charge their clients based on a percentage of the profit they make for them—they make some money only when they make their clients a lot of money.

Blazer's Mission

Their mission is simple. To help DTC Shopify stores increase their profit in 30 to 60 days— significantly. Blazer chooses to focus simultaneously on both boosting profit and lifetime value (LTV) for eCommerce stores.

Blazer's expertise

Blazer's expertise shines through for Shopify Plus stores because they offer growth acceleration strategies for fast-growing eCommerce stores.

With lucrative personalized paid media strategies and in-house creatives, they're leading the pack with their 8-figure strategies on static ads, emails, and video ads.

So it's no surprise they wanted to team up to strategize and execute an email and conversational SMS marketing strategy straight out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2020.

Blazer x Cartloop: Email x Conversational SMS

Coupled with Blazer's ROI-centric approach and Cartloop's cart recovery rates using human-powered SMS marketing, it was a great working dynamic from the get-go.

With less than a month after BFCM, this is usually known as downtime for most eCommerce businesses and a lull in-store traffic and sales. But the stats show otherwise.

Blazer x Cartloop's Success Story shared on Social Media


Check out the insane metrics based on their Australian and US site below.

  • Blazer : $100k+ in 30 minutes during BFCM 2020
  • Blazer x Cartloop: $175k+ in 2 days during post-BFCM downtime
  • Cartloop's SMS Revenue in 2-days = $37K

Earlier this year, we published a case study of how Bionic Gym used conversational SMS to boost their sales and build relationships with their customers all in one here.

Another email and SMS success story with Blazer leverages the instant advantage of SMS for an Australian skincare brand. By being able to provide instant support and real-time recommendations, they hit 30x in ROI.

What We Did

  • Email x SMS Two-punch strategy to retarget the high-spenders and VIP customers from the BFCM sales
  • Launched a 2-way SMS Campaign to drive urgency on the last day of Cyber Monday
  • Launched an email campaign to notify these targeted segments that their favorite products were back in stock
  • Increased shoppers trust in the product due to instant support with SMS
  • Abandonment insights
  • Extra revenue boost during the off-peak season right after BFCM
  • Instantaneous advantages and $43k in added revenue right after installing Cartloop

We also implemented a cart abandonment reminder that sends a reminder SMS to subscribers 24 hours after they received the first abandoned cart text, but they didn’t purchase yet.

Email x Conversational SMS Strategy

For eCommerce stores that want a competitive advantage, SMS marketing has a compounding effect on the ROI of your existing marketing channels for your store. This means you can gain profits throughout the year. Not just during the major eCommerce holidays.

Here are the instantaneous advantages of SMS that makes it the perfect complement to email marketing:

  1. Lightning-fast delivery, mind-blowing open rates: 98% average open rate
  2. Massive click-through rates and high response rates: 19% average click-through rate, 31% conversion rates
  3. 5x average ROI
  4. Instant support, 24/7 assistance, and increased customer retention
  5. Near perfect engagement score that drives action during crucial micro-moments with customers: 90 seconds in average response time from customers, 55% reply rates

If you're interested to see how it works, request a demo or try it out yourselves with a free 14-day trial.

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